Monday, May 9, 2016

Julie Nutting Design Team

Julie Nutting announced her first Design Team....I am thrilled to be included. 

I've been playing with paper dolls since being a wee tiny little "Jen-Jen".  Actually paper dolls were indeed my favorite toy for so many years.  Like many of you who also played with paper dolls, I'd make clothes - not attractive clothes mind you, but paper has always been a peaceful retreat for me.  

I was introduced to the sweet Julie Nutting Dolls  while being a member of the Prima Marketing Design Team.  From the moment I received my first doll,  it was instant love. 

You can read Julie's announcement on her blog post right here.   She has the kindest sweetest words for me.  I am just so thankful. 

As for the photo above...well my husband took this photo of me while on vacation in Florida.  I thought I'd add the sweet Julie Nutting beach dolls to my photo and make us look like a team.  You may not see smiles on their faces but trust me.....they are smiling and I'm smiling for sure.  

Here are a few of my favorite Julie Nutting pieces over the past few years:  

If you also adore Prima's Dolls Stamps by Julie Nutting, please join us on the Julie Nutting /Prima Facebook page here and here.  We are an encouraging group who love to share ideas and projects.  

Thanks so very very much for stopping.  


  1. You have so many talents and love that I will be seeing more of your work on the Julie Nutting design team! Am apart of FB's group too! Congratulations and enjoy!

  2. Well Jen, you definitely deserve it! You are the Julie Nutting "queen" of all queens! Happy for you and also....they are so lucky to have you on their team!

  3. Well done! The biggest of congrats - that's such a perfect 'fit' for you:) I'm sure you'll enjoy it VERY much!!