Thursday, May 12, 2016

Julie Nutting Dolls are Everywhere Challenge

Dolls are everywhere challenge.....Where will your doll go?

Julie Nutting is hosting a fun new challenge.  We'd like for you to take your dolls everywhere you go and then show us all those places.  

Take the doll to the store, to the park, to the zoo, on a walk, to the beach, to the cafe, out for tea, or even on vacation with you.  This challenge will run all summer plenty of opportunity to take the dolls out on the town with you and wherever you go.  

We just want to see how much fun your dolls are having.  
Post your dolls to the Facebook groups: Julie Nutting Paper Dolls and Other Fun Stuff  and Julie Nutting Doll Club and a bonus if you tag on instagram @julie_nutting

This is my does NOT represent me...just sayin.  I do not own an eye patch.  
This is in front of the ships in St Augustine.  Arggggggggg.  

How did I make this?  
I used these two dolls:  Tommy and the clothing from Adam.  The I printed a pirate hat, eye patch and belt from the internet and sized them to fit.  I added my own red ribbon belt and head band. 

To add to the fun, I wrote some fun lyrics that you can sing to the tune of Johnny Cash's song "I've Been Everywhere"
Dolls are everywhere, friend
Worldwide love affair, friend
Posted here and there, friend
Try a stamp I dare, friend
You'll be hooked I swear, friend
Dolls are everywhere

Dolls are everywhere, friend
Color in the hair, friend
Change up what they wear, friend
So much fun I swear, friend
Join the love affair, friend
Dolls are everywhere

Dolls are everywhere, friend
In the market square, friend
Circus, Park, Beach chair, friend
France to Delaware, friend
With creative flair, friend
Dolls are everywhere 

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  1. Love your Tommy and your song!!!! What a great challenge I love it!!