Friday, February 28, 2014

Prima Marketing - Flowers Flowers Flowers, projects and Video

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers - we all just love them
Hello.  Jennifer Snyder here to share some of the beautiful new release flowers  from Prima Marketing. I know we all hold our breath and anxiously await the new release of flowers from Prima each January.    I am presenting two projects I created with some new releases. 

First up is a tag with a video showing how I put it together. 

This tag is a reminder to try and dedicate a little time each day to kick our shoes and boots off, let our hair down and just relax.   The Julie Nutting doll stamp I used is going to relax by hopping in the Ingvild Bolme Shabby Chic Treasures Antique Tub...lucky gal. 

I know that there are some folks who want to know how to create the doll stamps.  The video shows this step by step.  

and from the Prima Blog:

The doll clothing and tag background were created using the Free Spirit collection layered over Prima's new wooden ATC.

Prima Products -Relax Tag

574703 Prima Flowers - Adelynn Absolute
574376 Prima Flowers - Princess Collection -Prince Charming
574499 Prima Flowers -Cartographer collection - Navigator
910389 Prima Julie Nutting Doll Stamp - Megan
573652 Prima - Crochet Icons Fabric Embellishments
572914 Prima Free Spirit Collection - Wood Icon Embellishments 572914
573218 Prima Something Blue Collection - Say It In Crystals
910686 Prima -Tag
892302 Prima Invild Bolme Shabby Chic Treasures Antique Tub
813765 Prima Stationer's Desk Collection
846619 Prima Free Spirit Collection Expressions paper
846626 Prima Free Spirit Collections Perceptions Paper
573638 Prima Free Spirit Collection ATC 3x4
960445 Prima Finnabair Elementals Stencil
563264 Prima Divine Collection - Alphabet stickers
891183 Prima Ingvild Bolme Chalk Ink Coltsfoot Stemens
891015 Prima Ingvild Bolme Chalk Ink Dark Rust
891091 Prima Ingvild Bolme Chalk Ink Rusty Bucket

Other Products:
molding paste

Next project is a 9"x12" canvas with a little woodsy feel.   I was actually inspired by the copper colored  Ivy Bay Invincible Leaves.   I used the leaves as my jumping point. 

I didn't have a photo to use with the colors I needed so I created my own focal point using  Prima Paintables 813963.   I colored it with Ingvild Bolme Chalk Edgers and a paint brush and a little dab of water. 

Here is a photo of how I created the background of the canvas.  I cut strips of paper and applied a light coat of super heavy gesso.  

Thanks for stopping to visit with Prima Marketing

Prima Supplies:

574635 Prima Flowers - Ivy Bay Invincible (Leaves)
574697 Prima Flowers - Talia Tenacious
574383 Prima Flowers - Princess Castle
574406 Prima Flowers - Princess Collection -Happily Ever After
573263 Prima  Princess Collection Tag Me
813963 Prima Paintables
573614 Prima Trim
573119 Prima Princess Paper clips-Typewriter Keys
951030 Prima Princess Collection 6x6 pad
951023 Prima Princess Collection - Collage 
951016 Prima Princess Collection -Sophia
950972 Prima Princess Collection - Ella
891183 Prima Ingvild Bolme Chalk Ink Coltsfoot Stemens
891121 Prima Ingvild Bolme Chalk Ink Olive Vine
891053 Prima Ingvild Bolme Chalk Ink Raspberry Pie
891107 Prima Ingvild Bolme Chalk Ink Rusty Keys
891268 Prima Ingvild Bolme Chalk Ink Teak Wall

Other Supplies:
Molding Paste

OTP March Flying Unicorns - featuring FabScraps French Heritage Collection

Flying Unicorns Kit of the Month for March "Off the Page Project" with FabScraps
We are so excited to bring you our March 2014 Kit of the Month.
Each month, the Kit of the Month contains a cool easy "off the Page Project".  The INCLUDED off the page project this month is a simple wooden box.   It had a clasp for closing  on it but I took that off and replaced it with a vintage style ornate clasp. 

I have attached step by step instructions to explain my steps in completing this project. 

The before and after shots of the completed project are always fun to see.  

The lace I used was leftover from a previous kit of the month (Feb) that I felt was perfect here.  I actually took the clasp off first, added the lace, then replaced with the new clasp.  This way the box looks a little more polished.  It's all in the details!

The clasp was originally antique gold in appearance but simply did not match the papers.  The FabScraps French Heritage papers are stunning with a cool tone.  I took some Rub N Buff Antique White wax rub   and rubbed it on the clasp.  Then I rubbed it on the metal adornments as well.     

The Flying Unicorns March kit is filled with creative goodies that will excite.  Grab one before it's gone.
The monthly kits are only available on a first come first served basis. CLICK HERE - to get yours now.  Last month they sold out in a day.  No monthly kit obligations required.

Flying Unicorns March 2014 Kit of the Month.
FabScraps French Heritage Collection - Lilac Delight 2 C63008
Rub N Buff Antique White wax rub 
FabScraps Metal Ornament Catch Embellishment (Clasp) ME1007
FabScraps French Heritage Stickers -ST63002
FabScraps French Heritage Filigree Edge chipboard -DC63004
Flying Unicorns Metal Adornments - Mix Bloom Collection 
Prima Flowers  - Charlotte 571474
Splash of Color - Silks French  Lilac and Periwinkle
string pearls
floral berry
embossing powder - white opal
heat gun
white gesso

1.     Base  Preparation:
2.     Cover box  top and all sides with  FabScraps French Heritage Collection – Lilac Delight 2 - C63008
3.      Remove original  clasp and set aside.
4.     Glue lace around the lid of the box.
5.     Prepare the FabScraps ornate metal clasp by rubbing with antique white wax rub, or white paint wash ( white paint thinned with water).  Rub off excess. 
6.     Replace  clasp with FabScraps Metal Oriental Catch Embellishment   (Clasp)  ME1007.   You will add right over the lace.  This will help make the box look polished and well assembled   NOTE – if you are leaving the original clasp on the box, you may still want to remove the original clasp, glue the lace down, then put the clasp back on over the lace.
7.     Glue trim around the top edges of the box.
8.     Glue string pearls to the top edge. 
9.     Embellishments:
10.   Cut the flower graphics  from FabScraps French Heritage Collection - C63 and glue to the top corner to the box where you plan to embellish.
11.   Take the metal ornaments  and rub some white wax rub over tem or white paint wash as described in step 5. .  This makes the blend with the paper a litter better.  Dab with purple silk glazes. 
12.   Glue metal ornaments to the top.
13.   Add  flowers to the top corner.
14.   Add another metal ornament, that has been prepared with the white wax or white wash and glue to the box. 
15.   Take sticker of choice from FabScraps  French Heritage Clear Stickers ST63002 and glue to a piece of white cardstock and cut around.  This makes the image on the sticker appear very crisp. 
16.   Glue sticker to the top of the metal ornament.
17.   Add pearl strings and lace,
18.   Add floral berries.
19.   Chipboard Preparation:
20.   FabScraps French Heritage Chipboard  Filigree Edge Chipboard  DC63004 – paint with white paint and emboss with clear embossing powder to give a clear shine.
21.   Glue to the top of the box.
22.   Finishing Touches:
23.   Add flowers and leaves or trim to the front and top of the box as desired. 

Flying Unicorns Kit of the Month -March

We are so excited to bring you our March 2014 Kit of the Month. We begin with out MAIN KIT and the INCLUDED off the page project
You get the latest and the greatest in the main kit to get your creative mojo flowing and we will always include an off the page project ( OTP) that will inspire and sometimes challenge your inspiration- but always creative fun! Our March kit is filled with creative goodies that will excite
Just take a look at some of the amazing inspirational projects from the creative team :

Welcome to the Mixed Art! Our new add on kit will always come with a canvas and a variety mediums, mists, tools that compliment that main kit.

Here are a few amazing inspirational projects by the Flying Unicorn Creative Team

Our Mixed Passion add on kit if filled with flowers, ribbons, trinkets and more. Jam packed with embellishments that compliment the main kit.

Small Art. Big Passion is exactly what this new add on kit is filled with. Papers that are on a smaller scale that will compliment the main kit and embellishments that are scaled to compliment the main kit or to entice you to create cards, tags, atc's and so much more !

Our educational creativeness explodes this month with amazing creations and tutorials by Shona and Erica !
Join Shona on March 4th, 2014 - In our BAP forums to create and play in our art journal using the kit of the month !
Join Erica on March 6th on our You Tube Channel where she show us a step by step tutorial in creating an amazing layout!

As you can see we have filled our March kit and add on Kits with so much creative awesomeness - CLICK HERE - to get yours now - Remember there are no sign ups - they are sold on a first come first serve basis and once they are gone they are gone !

Friday, February 21, 2014

Prima Julie Nutting Doll Stamps and Jodie Lee's Princess Collection - Altered Princess Armoire closet ( Necklace Closet)

Two Great Prima Collections rolled into one Project:  Jodie Lee's Princess Collection and Julie Nutting's Doll stamps

From the moment I saw the new Princess collection by Jodie Lee, I was hooked.  I needed to create some kind of Princess piece, something, not sure what.  Then I laid eyes on Julie Nutting's new doll stamp and an idea flooded into my head.

As a child I loved paper dolls.  It was my favorite gift for many years. I'd  design my own clothing and cut them out.  Truthfully, I am no clothes designer but I sure had hours and hours of busy cut work back then.  It's no wonder I still love paper and can still spend hours cutting it.

So doll clothes it is!   Though this time I had expert help from Julie Nutting and Jodie Lee.  It's fun to indulge this part of my life again with doll clothes.  I created a doll closet for her wardrobe , a Doll Armoire.  I used an old necklace closet/jewelry closet that I found at a thrift store and altered it.  For the ridiculously fun price of $4.99, this closet had to come home with me and get a grand makeover, Prima style.

I made the clothes hangers from the new Prima wire thread.  Cool stuff and I can see many doll dresses in my future all hung neatly in this darling little closet.

You can see the new Shabby Chic Treasures by Ingvild Bolme tucked behind my Princess.  It's a sweet little settee love seat for when my princess needs to rest a spell.  Oh Prima has thought of it all.  My closet door pulls are also new from Ingvild Bolme.
My beautiful princess dress was made from the ATC cards from the new Princess collection. Some of the ATC cards are very ornate so I took advantage of them to gussy up her dress.

Here is a close  up of my doll clothes.  I used some of Julie's stamps and cut off the body parts.  They still have sass and attitude on the hanger.

I also hung some glittered tulle and pearl strands in the armoire.  Every princess should have a walk in "glam" closet with an uplifting and positive message reminding her she is beautiful inside and out.  A message we all need to remember.
This is a photo of one of the doors - adorned with Ingvild's new resin angels (573546 Prima Resin Angels) as well as flowers and chipboard from the Princess collection and Prima's wire thread. 

Thanks for  looking.  You are going to love the new Prima releases, from the Julie Nutting stamps to the Ingvild Bolme embellishments and the Princess Collection by Jodie Lee.

910419 Prima -Julie Nutting -Aurora
951122 Prima Princess Collection - Chipboard
951092 Prima Princess Collection 6x4 ATC Pad
574376 Prima Princess Collection -Prince Charming flowers
574406 Prima Princess Collection - Happily Ever After flowers
574383 Prima Princess Collection - Castle flowers
571344 Prima -Serenity flowers
573218 Prima Something Blue - Say It In Crystals
572099 Prima Wire Thread - Sweet Pink
566036 Prima Flowers - Mini Sachet Pearl
882105 Prima Stencil
892074 Prima Ingvild Bolme Shabby Chic Treasures -Foyer
892135 Prima Ingvild Bolme Shabby Chic Treasures
572761 Prima Something Blue - Brads

Other Supplies:
Molding Paste
string pearls
sparkle tulle