Saturday, May 28, 2016

Be A List Maker - Justrite Planner Page for May

I'm trying something new and  moving outside my zone of comfort...but sometimes ya just have to stretch and make lists and plans.  I am not a "book type" planner BUT I am a list maker.  Mom's and dad's need plans/lists to make the family week run smoothly  

My son asked me why bother making a plan.  It's like a roadmap - you can't get to your destination unless you map out a route.  Plans do change, get derailed, and evolve, but you need to start at point A and have a vision of how to get to point B (with all the details in between).    In order to successfully make it to the weekend and achieve all you need to do, you need to map out all the details of the week.

In mommy talk...a plan is the best way to try and get the entire family where they need to be and do it on time with minimal frustration.  I'd seriously like to be on the "no headache, no stress" plan.  Capturing the week's activities in a fun and whimsical way sure makes the job more fun.  

 No better way to plan than to pull out some fun products.  JustRite Papercrafts has a variety of tools and products. . 

Don't have a Planner - Don't think You'd use a Planner?  
So you don't own a planner you say?  Yeah neither do I. 
 Don't think you'd use a planner?  Nope - neither would I. still need to keep your family on track.  My mind may be a steel trap, and yet I realize I need to let what's in my steel trap out so the family knows where they need to be. 

I am a list maker.  I think of my planner as a list for the family to see.  My list is their list.  Not every week will have a list, but some weeks are essential.  

I added some fun colorful washi tape and popped it to the fridge.  EVERYONE uses the fridge so they are bound to see my handy weekly planning list.  They may not read my list but now we enter into a whole new realm which paper crafting cannot possibly cover.   I must move on... haaaaaaaa.  

 If you don't own a planner, no matter and no worries.  The world of the internet is filled with freebies for you to print and use.  I used a fun one from that I adapted into something to fit my needs.  That is found here: 
My Week Looks Like this....  DIY Printables by Ink Tree Press

You can find a whole host of free printables here.  
Here are the products I used to create the first part of the week:

Monday Box:

Tues Box:

Wed Box:

Thur Box:

And for the bottom of the week....heading into the fun weekend.....
JustRite actually has the whole week covered. 

Here are the products I used to create the first part of the week:
Friday Box:

Saturday Box:

Sunday Box:

Last Box with Sunny Day:

My Week Looks Like this....  DIY Printables by Ink Tree Press

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