Thursday, May 2, 2013

Peacock - Flying Unicorns May Kit of the Month - Coffee and Muse -ZVA Creative

Welcome to my pairing of Flying Unicorns Coffee and Muse Kit and ZVBA Creative pearls.

I love peacocks and the regal feeling they evoke.  I decided that peacocks and pearls are a great combo so I set out to try my hand at creating a peacock image out of mists, water and my paint brush.
Here is what I did:
Step 1. Painted my entire black piece of cardstock with clear gesso and let dry.   This acts as a little resist or water barrier for my paper.    Then I do not have to fear that my mists  will soak into my paper.

Step 2.  I drew a faint outline of my peacock image so that I had a general idea of where I was going to add mists.

Step 3.  I selected my first mist, sprayed it onto my non-stick craft mat -  NOT directly onto my paper.  I used my paintbrush and dabbed that into the mist puddle.  Then I dabbed onto my page.  Dab dab dab.

Step 4.  I blotted the newly painted area with a paper towel to soak up the excess.  blot blot blot.

Step 5.  Next I sprayed a little water onto the blotted area - a little bit.  And once again blotted up the excess water.  The water spray leaves a  fascinating mist line.

Step 6.  Continue with the next color - same process.

The most important part of this was to make sure I have the clear gesso down first and totally dry.

NEXT STEP - embellishing:
I added the ZVA Creative pearls to this piece to help represent the feathers and his head piece.
ZVA Creative CRS-06CA-110 - white pearl Flourish

ZVA Creative CRB-06CA-111- white pearl Flourish

Thanks for looking.

Using the Coffee and Muse kit in conjunction with:
Lindy's Starburst:  Cattail Copper Brown
Lindy's Starburst: Creme Brulee Creme
Lindy's Starburst:  Edelweiss Moss Green
Lindy's Starburst: Delphinium Turquois
ZVA Creative CRS-06CA-110 - white pearl Flourish
ZVA Creative CRB-06CA-111- white pearl Flourish
Tim Holtz Peacock, Scattered Straw Inks
Prima Divine Collection En Lair 950439 and Ballad 950408
Clearsnap Donna Salazar Peaches 
Prima Mask 564766
Shimmerz Coloringz -Mon Shair
Prima Tatiana Victorian 566364


  1. This is fantastic.That peacock turned out super gorgeous.I wouldn't have believed that you made it with mists if you had not provided the step by step.You make it sound so easy!Thanks for sharing.

  2. how gorgeous is this!! xxx

  3. Oh my gosh ... this is AMAZING! Love the pearls on the peacock!