Sunday, May 26, 2013

FabScraps - Adrenaline Collection Butterflies

This is a design I created using the Adrenaline Collection from FabScraps.  I really loved the earthy tones of these papers and they screamed nature to me.

Here are the papers I used.  The image is from Graphic Fairy.

FabScraps - Adrenaline Collection - Military Base C54001 (bottom layer)
FabScraps - Adrenaline Collection - Action Hero C54002 (paper stripes layers)

FabScraps - Adrenaline Collection - Fast and Furious C54004 (working background layer)

I added the beads to the molding paste while it was still wet.  This way they dry and adhere very nicely.

FabScraps – Adrenaline Collection - Butterflies
For This Project You Will Need
  • FabScraps Papers – Adrenaline  Collection – Fast and Furious  C54004 (12in x12in)  
  • FabScraps Papers – Adrenaline Collection –Military Base Camp C54001 (12in x12in) 
  • FabScraps Papers –Adrenaline Collection – Action Hero CS54002 ( strip about  3 in x 6in) and one small ripped strip about   ½ in x 4in long
  • Mesh, cheesecloth
  •  Brown ink  and accent stamp
  • Tacky Glue
  • cardboard  piece to rip
  •  seed beads/decorative beads/ micro beads
  • Yarn or fibers approx  20 inches long)
  • Edge punch
  • Flowers and leaves
  • Molding paste/ palette knife or something to spread this
  • Acrylic paint
  • Metal jewelry accent pieces
  • Decorative tape ( I used cry wall tape)
1.     Background  Paper Preparation:
2.     Punch all edges of FabScraps Fast and Furious paper.  Use a couple of punches to mix things up a bit. 
3.     Glue to FabScraps Adrenaline Collection -  Military Base CampC54001 (12in x12in) . 
4.     Glue a rectangle of FabScraps Action Hero approx (3in x 6in) – set a little off center – to the right side of page.
5.     Cut a piece of cheese cloth about 4in x 8in and spread out on the page in a diagonal – top right corner to bottom left.
6.     Cut some yarn or fibers (45cm or 18 in) and layer over the cheesecloth in haphazard fashion – with twist and curves.
7.     Spread molding paste over the cheese cloth and yarn fibers making sure to leave some dry cheese cloth and yarn uncovered at the edges.  
8.     Add seed beads or decorative beads to the wet molding paste and let dry before continuing.
9.     Rip a piece of brown cardboard about  2in x 6.5in and glue lengthwise on top of the Action Hero strip – to make a new layer.  Glue to paper as a new top layer.
10.   Paint some creamy yellow acrylic paint on cardboard (or your choice of paint)
11.   Punch edges of photo image and glue to the cardboard.
12.   Left Corner Embellishing:
13.   Rip a piece of FabScraps  Adrenaline  Collection  - Action Hero  in a thin strip of approx ½ in wide and 4 in long.  Glue to the top left corner starting at top in a vertical direction. 
14.   Add a piece of mesh or cheesecloth off center on top of the paper strip.
15.   Cut  2 inches of yard and lay onto the mesh.
16.   Add some molding paste to the mesh, yard and paper. - Just enough to accent but not enough to cover the whole section. 
17.   Add some seed beads/ decorative beads to the wet molding paste and let dry.
  1. Finishing Touches:
  2. Tuck some metal decorative jewelry pieces under the cardboard.
  3. Cut some decorative tape and tuck here and there under the cardboard – I used Dry Wall Tape.
  4. Add flowers, leaves and butterflies as desired.
  5. Done – Enjoy.  

FabScraps - Adrenaline Collection - Military Base C54001
FabScraps - Adrenaline Collection - Action Hero C54002
FabScraps - Adrenaline Collection - Fast and Furious C54004
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Prima Stamp 544980
Prima Encore C Flowers 561352
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  1. Stunning work!!!
    Love all your layers and details.

    Happy Crafting,

  2. Oh Jennifer... love the instructions. I am so trying this one because I have some of those papers and I am not very adventurous with the moulding paste and such like and I love it with the beads in it. Thank you so much for sharing.