Thursday, May 2, 2013

Butterfly Dressform - Maja Design

 Happy Friday and Happy Spring.   Is it starting to get warm where you live?   I certainly hope so.  The spring warmth makes me think of pulling out some pretty dresses and sandals.  Kicking off the sweaters and boots.
In celebration of sun dress weather, I created a little pleated dress from the Vintage Spring Basics collection.

 I had a wire dress form sitting on a shelf and decided to pull it out and dress it up.

First I looked through my Vintage Spring Basics collection to see what I'd  love to wear as a skirt.  Easy.  I grabbed 11th of April BAS-611 and cut the piece in half.  Then folded each piece accordion style and made sure my folds were crisp.
Then I sprayed each piece with water and gently bent the paper and molded it to the wire dress form. If the paper is slightly moist, it is really easy to mold.  just don't over wet and over work.
One additional benefit to wetting the paper is that it dries a little stiffer and keeps its new molded form nicely.

You can see that I added some strips of that most gorgeous tiny butterfly paper in between my pleats of the skirt.  That is the wonderful 3rd of May - how appropriate because that is TODAY!

I added some feathers for wings, some pearls and florals to dress this up a bit. 

The body section is filled with some tulle trim,  a light and ruffly type trim.

I added a Blue Fern Studios Chipboard piece - the Brigitte Butterfly.  I covered it with embossing powder and kept it simple since I just want it as an accent and not a focal point.

I hope that you are able to get your dresses out very soon and start soaking up the flirty romantic fun of Spring. If not?  Grab some of the Vintage Spring Basics papers and make your own Spring fun.
Thanks for visiting. 

Maja Design Vintage Spring Basics -11th April BAS-611
Maja Design Vintage Spring Basics -3rd May BAS-585
Blue Fern Studios Brigitte Butterfly Chipboard 074387
Prima Flowers 564452
Stampendous Embossing enamel Shabby Pink


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  2. I wish we had a pleasant spring in my neck of woods.We just moved from a not so cold winter to a very hot summer.:-).The dressform is ethereal.Love the dress and the feathers.Thanks for the tips on molding the paper.Happy Spring!

  3. So beautiful, Jennifer!! Love the details)))

  4. Oh Jennifer, so beautiful!! Love the way you made the dress!! Really amazing!!