Tuesday, May 28, 2013

FabScraps Milk Shake Chic- Dress Up

Fabscraps Milkshake Chic
This is a photo I took a few summers ago. Such a little camera Diva.  I thought the photo would be great for the new FabScraps Collection - MilkShake Chic.

This collection looks like summer fun.  Go have an ice cream cone and take a photo.  That's how I feel when I look at this.  Add some inking around the edges and turn it vintage.

I used some fun papers and some tiny little chippy clothing hangers.
 This sheet was used as the background of my page and is Milkshake Chic - Chocolate C58008.

I used these adorable chipboard hangers - DC58013
This piece was used under this lace and as  backing for the edges.  It is Milkshake Chic - Raspberry C58004

Milkshake Chic - Journal Packet MC58001A

I used some dress making pattern paper and modpodge on the page as well. I love slopping ModPodge on my work.  Turns me into a 10 yr old again.

 The adorable dress forms came from the Milkshake Journal Packets.  I cut them out and added some cardboard behind each of my dress forms. This makes the dress form a bit more dimensional, adds some stiffness to it and makes the hanger more adorable   

I used some lace and inked it with a black ink pad.  I simply rubbed my ink pad over the top of the lace.  easy!  Then I took the Milkshake Raspberry paper and glued the lace to the paper - trimmed around the lace and BAM. done.

Here are some easy step by step instructions to help you envision my process.
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1.     Background  Paper Preparation:
2.     Using  FabScraps Milkshake Chic  - Chocolate C58008 – add some punching to the edges of the page.  A little at the top and a little to the right side.  Not all the way around the page but just enough to give the page and edges some interest.   We want the focus to be in the center of the page and not around the edges.
3.     Taking the FabScraps Milkshake Chic Collection – Raspberry paper, cut off enough of this paper and place behind the punched edges – to give them a pretty soft pink backing.
4.     Rip small pieces of dress maker pattern paper and adhere to the page.  You can glue them down.  After they are all in place, thin out some white glue with a little water and paint the glue mixture with a paintbrush or foam brush.  This helps the tissue stiffen and gives it more support. You can also use a premade paper glue.
5.      Embellishment Preparation:
6.     Cut a piece of wide lace about 6 inches long.  Wide lace would be about  2-3 inches wide.
7.     Ink the lace black by rubbing your ink pad across the top of the lace.  Let dry.
8.     Glue the lace to a piece of FabScraps Milkshake  Chic Raspberry  C58004.  Trim around the lace.
9.     Glue to page –off center and a little diagonally.
10.   Glue photo over the top of the lace.
11.   Chipboard Preparation:
12.   FabScraps Milkshake Chic  -Diecut chipboard  Hangers  DC58013 – ink two hangers black.
13.   Cut out two dress forms from FabScraps Milkshake  Collection  - Dresses 1 (MC58007) and Dresses 2(MC58008).
14.   Take some old cardboard and glue to the back of each dress.  This will add a little lift and dimension to the page and make the little hangers look nicer.
15.   Slide the dress forms through the Hangers as if they are hanging up. Glue to page. .
  1. Finishing Touches:
  2. Glue down miscellaneous buttons and pins, sewing notions to the page.
  3. Take a string of pearls about 18 inches long and set them down on the page in a carefree way. Just let them fall as they want.  This makes them appear more natural and less forced and manipulated.
  4. Glue down.
  5. Top with a few flowers here and there for accent but not the focus.
  6. Tuck some lace in as desired and add some lace to the top of the page where the punched edge is.
  7. Enjoy!

FabScraps Milkshake Chic Hangers DC58013
FabScraps Milkshake Chic Journal Packet -Dresses 1 MC58007
FabScraps Milkshake Chic Journal Packet - Dresses 2 MC58008
FabScraps Milkshake Chic Chocolate C58008 ( Background paper)
FabScraps Milkshake Chic Raspberry C58004 Pink behind the lace and on the edges
Martha Stewart Large Wild Flowers Edge Punch
Tim Holtz Trinket pins
Tim Holtz - Distress Ink Black Soot
String Pearls, buttons


  1. OMG, this is SO cute!! Sweet and still mixed media, the perfect combination! And that picture is priceless!