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FabScraps - Baby Bear Collection -Teddy Bear Love

FabScraps has just started shipping  it's newest collection, Baby Bear!
This is Escape Kitty with her favorite teddy bear.  Shhhh please don't mention this to anyone, but yes, Kitty does love teddy bears. Who doesn't, right? She was agreeable to me taking a photo but she has no idea it's going on the internet.
A little about the bear - my grandmother was a crafty gal.  She made bears to give to anyone she met. This bear she gave me before my wedding.  She was very mindful of the ribbon which has oranges and greens - my favorite colors. 

My sweet bear also has a bit of a crooked smile.  Well, OK - a very crooked smile.  That too, reminds me of my grandma.  Grandma had suffered a stroke many years before she passed on and lost the ability to smile.  She was left with a little crooked but charming and loving upturn of the mouth. Oh grandma!  I miss my grandma. 

On to the supplies I used:
 FabScraps Baby Bear - Story Bear 1 C57003 ( used as background)

 FabScraps Baby Bear - Bubble  Bear 2 C57006 (used as the bottom layer)

 FabScraps Baby Bear - Beary Cute Die-Cut chipboard  DC57004

 FabScraps Baby Bear - Die Cuts  - Ribbon MC57008

 FabScraps Baby Bear - Story Bear 2 C57004 ( used as accent paper strips - polka dot side)

 FabScraps Baby Bear - Rusty Bear 1 C57001 ( used as punched circle)

Below you can see the very cool Flying Unicorns metal Adornments that have been painted with Viva Inca Copper.

Here is the sweet chipboard piece that has been coated with Shimmerz Paints - Enamlez Gold Digger, a shimmery rich embossing enamel.  The bear was painted with Tim Holtz Distress paint in Vintage Photo. 

Here is a teddy bear for you to download if you want.

Please visit the FabScraps Fabulous Facebook page and Blog to see what others are doing with this amazing fun collection.

Step by Step instructions:
1.     Background  Paper Preparation:
2.     Start with FabScraps Baby Bear Collection –Story Bear 1 C57003  – punch all the edges with a decorative punch.
3.     Dampen all the edges with water.  You can use a spray mist bottle, a baby wet wipe, or a damp paper towel. 
4.     While the edges of the paper are damp, gently crinkle, roll and bend the edges of the paper. Use a heat gun to dry and set these.  The heat gun will make the paper edges a little hard and firm.
5.     Glue to a piece of FabScraps Baby Bear Collection – Bubble Bear 2 C57006 (12in x12in) .  The green Bubbles paper will be the bottom layer of the layout.
6.     Rip some long thin pieces of brown cardstock and tuck here and there under the ruffled edges of the Story Bear top layer.   Just enough to see small hints of brown paper as an accent .
7.     Cut or punch an 8in decorative circle from FabScraps  Baby Bear – Rusty Bear 1 C57001.  Glue in the middle of the page a little to the right.
8.     Dot  the circle with pearly dimensional paint/ glue or glitter glue.
9.     Photo Image Preparation:
10.   Start with two identical copies of a teddy bear image/photo.  Cut a teddy bear image from one of the photos. Glue to the punched circle – near the top left side.
11.   Cut the teddy bear from the second photo and back it with cardboard or with dimensional  tape/dimensional dots and glue over the top of your main image of child, pet, loved one. This will be a layered photo image.
12.   Rip a small piece of FabScraps Baby Bear –Story Bear 2 C57004 and glue behind the image as a backing, peeking out from the bottom as if the image is resting on a strip of the paper. 
13.   Tuck some lace under the image and glue to the circle – bottom right side.
14.   Cut border from  FabScraps Baby Bear Collection – Die Cuts – Ribbon MC570018 and glue over the ribbon.
15.   Chipboard Preparation:
16.   FabScraps Baby Bear -Beary Cute chipboard DC57004 –This chipboard piece is separated into two sections -  words and bear figure.  Coat chipboard words ONLY with embossing ink and generously pour gold embossing powder on the chipboard.  Do not shake off the excess embossing powder.  Leave it thick.  Heat set.
17.   Use brown paint or stain to cover the bear figure of the chipboard.
18.   Glue the chipboard over the top of the teddy bear at the top left side.
19.  Finishing Touches:
20.   Ink the edges of the paper as desired using a variety of ink colors with blending tools, foam blending pads or strait from the inkpad.
21.   Add flowers, floral berries, ribbons and metal adornments as desired
22.   Enjoy. 

FabScraps Baby Bears - Rusty Bear 1 C57001 ( punched circle)
FabScraps Baby Bears - Story Bear 2 C57004 ( accent strips under images)
FabScraps Baby Bears - Bubble Bear 2 C57006 ( background)
FabScraps Baby Bears - Story Bear 1 C57003
FabScraps Baby Bears - Ribbon MC57008
FabScraps Baby Bears - Beary Cute chipboard DC57004
Shimmerz Paints - Enamlez Gold Digger
Flying Unicorns Adornments
Viva Decor  Inca Gold in a copper color
Tim Holtz - Distress Paint in Vintage Photo
Clearsnap Donna Salazar Mixd Media Inx - Adobe, Vintage, Mossy

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