Monday, May 13, 2013

Flying Unicorn's MoJo Monday Sketch Challenge through May 19th

It's Maja Design Day!
This piece is called Deep in Thought. 

This piece uses the summery Antligen Collection by Maja Design.  Summer is such a short and cherished time for many of us who live in places that get snow - like NY where I live.  brrrr.  For now,  I shall celebrate some melting of the snow by pulling out Antligen.

This is a photo I snapped of my niece a few years ago.  It's summery and dreamy feeling like the collection.  My niece is a beautiful young lady so I wanted to surround her in feminine softness.

I used a few different patterned papers from the collection.  Featured here are the following: Antligen - Naturen Doftar (as my delicate background piece) , Pingst (as the accent strips of paper), and Vardagjamning (as the circle).

I added the Prima  resin heart here for my sister.  (Dell 'Arte Resin 891466).You can also see a little of the Prima masking - the this mask.  It's called Static 6x6 564261 - so very versatile. 

The cluster below has a few different Prima flowers on it, all in the same color family;  Prima Lyric Flowers 564452, Prima Tatiana Coral Flowers 566357, Prima Enchanted Ivory  Flowers 561369.

By this point, are you wondering why I provide the product code?  Well!  Great question.  If you want to order products from an on-line store, often times you just need to type in the product code and BAM - up pops the exact product you need.  No guessing.  Leaves you MORE time for more shopping.  hahahaha

Thus I shall continue to provide product codes whenever I can so that you can shop  efficiently.
 I am "Jen-abler". Here to enable your shopping habit. 
Here you can see that I sort of slapped molding paste on my page to frost the Prima Divine Flowers 565268.. The image below is also a great close up of my masking with some really really cool stuff - Shimmerz Texturz Paints in Tidy Widy.  You can get a better feel for how delicate this page is in real life.
I tucked a few small pieces of an old book here and there.  The book is from 1895 - very old.  The pages are yellowed already with no distressing.  Time did that for me.
This is gift for my sister.  She can gaze upon it when she misses her baby girl who is setting off for University in August.
Thanks for sharing a piece of the day with me.   Maja Design is also getting ready too send out the newest LIMITED Collection, Sofiero. Check it out. 
Suplies: Maja Design -Antligen - Naturen Doftar, Pingst (as the accent strips of paper), and Vardagjamning (as the circle). Prima Lyric Flowers 564452, Prima Tatiana Coral Flowers 566357, Prima Dell 'Arte Resin 891466, Prima Enchanted Ivory  Flowers 561369, Prima Masks Garden Gate 550042 , Prima Mask Static 6x6 564261, Prima Divine Col Flowers 565268, Shimmerz Paint Textures -Tidy Widy. 


  1. Super cute project,nice video with super music, relaxing!

  2. LOL you ROCKED it....hey what is wrong with the hand writing LOL!

  3. Waouh, this is really spectacular! Bravo!!!!