Monday, September 17, 2018

Tulips and Happy Thoughts - DIY Card with JustRite Stamps

Thinking of You!

 There are people all around us who could use a kind word of encouragement, a quick "pick-me-up" note, or even just mail.  Yep happy mail that is not a bill, a payment notice or junk mail. Gosh who isn't sick of receiving ONLY junk mail and bills in the mail.   

Raise your hands if you smile when you actually receive a card in the mail.  Come on...raise those hands.  

This card was made for just that reason.  It's a card that can be popped in the mail and can mean so much to the recipient.  JustRite's Rose Garden and Leaves Clear Stamp helped to make this super easy.   Scroll down and I'll tell you how I made this.  

This card was created using the following stamps: 

These are the Inks I used: 
Tsukineko Momento Dye Ink- Pear Tart
Tsukineko Momento Lux Dye Ink- Rose Bud
DIY Instructions: 
Step 1.  I used a pencil and drew a circle to start my tulip wreath.  The circle helps me in the stamping process and lets me know where I should be placing the stamp in order to make a decent wreath.  
Step 2.  I used two of the tulip stamps for this wreath however I only added only one tulip stamp to an acrylic stamping block at a time.  I thought this was the easiest way to avoid overlapping stamps.  

Stamping TIP -  You'll get better, crisper, clear stamped images if  you avoid using textured cardstock.  If the cardstock is flat on the backside, that is OK to use. 

Step 3.  I used cheap watercolors to add a splash of imperfect color to the tulips and leaves.  

Step 4.  Finishing Touches - I finished the card by stamping green accent dots (from the  stamp set) around the wreath and drawing stitch lines with a fine point black marker.  
I stamped "Get Well Soon" Sentiment last -  after I had a feel for where the bow was going to be added.  I didn't want to bow to cover the sentiment so placing the sentiment  off center was perfect.

Thanks for stopping here today.

Where to shop? 
You can shop for JustRite stamps and dies right here

Products Used on this Card:
JustRite "Get Well Soon Clear Sentiment Stamp" CR-05513
Spellbinders Ink by Jane Davenport - Squid Ink Pink 
Tsukineko Momento Dye Ink-Tuxedo Black
Ranger Archival Ink by Wendi Vecchi- Prickly Pear 
Tsukineko Momento Dye Ink- Pear Tart
Tsukineko Momento Lux Dye Ink- Rose Bud

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