Sunday, September 1, 2019

Halloween Trick-Or-Treat Costume Parade - Small Die for the Month of September

Halloween Costume Parade - Spellbinders Small Die of the Month - September

 Spellbinders Small Die of the Month for September is one of those obsessive dies I can't put down.  The ideas keep coming and each idea makes me smile thinking of all the adorable Halloween costumes that can be made with this exclusive die set.
Small Die of the Month Membership
Small Die of the Month Membership

It's time for the Halloween Costume Parade:
Every Halloween Parade needs a ghost, skeleton and devil but this parade also has...
 a smiling witch
astronaut and martian
butterfly and bumblebee
kitty cat and teddy bear
and so much more. 

All created using this month's Small Die of the Month.

With a few simple adaptations of the die in the set, and a bit of imagination, the costumed cuties you can create are limitless.  

Meet the Costumed Characters:
 In addition to the ghost, devil and skeleton costumes that are included in the die set, here are a few more costumes you can make. 

The witch's dress and hair were created using the ghost die. 
The superhero's cape was created using the ghost die for the cape.
The astronaut's breathing tube is the devil's tail.  
I'd love to see what you can create. 


These original die sets are only available through the club.  Each month features a fresh, unique die that can only be found at Spellbinders.   

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Are you always losing your small itty bitty dies?  They can be on your workspace one moment and gone the next...blink and they disappear. 

I have no idea how this happens but this cool tool will prevent those crazy disappearances. 

 It's Spellbinders  Main Attraction Tool, made specifically for keeping those tiny dies on your craft table, safe from die losing catastrophes.   
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Small Die of the Month Membership

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  1. I decided to skip this month, but am going to see if I can still opt in because you showed me how many different costumes can be made with this!!!!

    1. I hope you are able to get this set. You'll love it

  2. These are just so adorable! You were on quite a creative roll to come up with all of these cuties! I love them! Thanks for the inspiration!