Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Halloween Pumpkin Shaker - Home Decor - Buttons Galore and More

Halloween Jack-o-lantern Shaker Home Decor

Time to pull out those Halloween decorations and enjoy the season.  Why not add a new decoration to your classics with a fun shaker. 

I've been making card shakers all summer and now it's time to set my sights on home decor for Halloween and autumn. Something about this time of year, with Halloween approaching, really gets me energized. Thus the jack-o-lantern shaker decor was born.  
This adorable jack-o-lantern was made from a thrift store find.  It is a simple glass jar (jelly jar sized) and the lid was idea for adding shaker material.  

I painted the lid and cut black fun foam facial features.  Black cardstock would work as well, but I wanted the  features to have dimension. 

Because I chose foam, I did make sure to use a durable glue that will adhere to glass.  My choice is Beacons 3-in-1 because it's long lasting durability far outlives hot glue (which I rarely use).  

Shaker Mix Time
Time to add the shaker mix and close up in able to move on and add the finishing decorations to the lid.  

This is filled with festive Marmalade sequins from Buttons Galore and More.  
Sequins - Marmalade

The top of the shaker was gussied up using raffia, flowers, floral berries and some cool Candy Corn 3D buttons also from   Buttons Galore and More.  

Candy Corn 3D Buttons

Thanks for stopping.  Happy Crafting. 

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Sequins - Marmalade 
Candy Corn 3D Buttons

Patriotic Slider Pop-up Card

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