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Halloween Slider Card - Spellbinders Small Die of the Month

DIY Halloween Slider Card - Spellbinders Small Die of the Month - September and Past Dies

 Spellbinders Small Die of the Month for September is still keeping me smiling and busy with it's festive and playful possibilities.  It's one of those obsessive dies I can't put down. 

The card presented today pairs the Small Die of the Month of September with a wonderful die from Festive Wreaths Slider Card - Large Die of the Month Club June19 (still available while supplies last - so hurry!).

              Small Die of the Month Membership 
      Festive Wreaths Slider Card - Large Die of the Month Club

 Simple Alterations to make additional characters

The set comes with the dies to make the ghost, skeleton and devil.  As I was happily knee deep in paper and die cut pieces, I realized I could create numerous trick-or-treaters with just a few alterations. The ideas are limitless. 

The witch's dress is made from the ghost die.
  The witch's hair is made using two ghosts, cut apart and then pieced together. 
The witch's cauldron is made from the ghost body cut in half and then rounded at the bottom.  
The witches brew is made from the many circle pieces cut by the word " Boo" etc.

The images below show the slider card pulled open.  My card slides open to reveal some dancing skeletons joining the  celebration around the bubbling cauldron of green brew. 

When the slider is open, it can be used as Halloween decor because it can stand on it's own. 

Meet More Costumed Characters
Here are some links to other projects made with September's set:
Patriotic Slider Pop-up Card     Patriotic Slider Pop-up Card       Patriotic Slider Pop-up Card

These original die sets are only available through the club.  Each month features a fresh, unique die that can only be found at Spellbinders.   

  Never Lose a Small Die Again
Are you always losing your small itty bitty dies?  They can be on your workspace one moment and gone the next...blink and they disappear. 

I have no idea how this happens but this cool tool will prevent those crazy disappearances. 

 It's Spellbinders  Main Attraction Tool, made specifically for keeping those tiny dies on your craft table, safe from die losing catastrophes.   
   Tool and Accessories Main Attraction

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Tool and Accessories Main Attraction


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