Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Quick Birthday cards from Justrite

Let's Have A Birthday Party

JustRite has a line of birthday sentiments that should be headed to the top of your list when you need a quick birthday card. 
I've created some quick cards for those times when you need to "dial it back" a bit (embellishly speaking) and make a cute, simple card.  

Included in this new line of greetings are to stamp sets that I'd like to feature today: 
The images above and below are from the JustRite Happy Bird-Day Clear Stamps   set.  The details are totally darling.   You can see the whole stamp set if you scroll down a bit. 

The cards are clean, simple and actually "do-able" in a few minutes.  Sometimes you need a quick card, perhaps for a child's birthday.  Heck, no child wants to receive a card with a bunch of fancy flowers on it (my typical style).  And no child wants to be "that kid" who goes to a clasmates birthday party with a flowery over embellished card - once again, my typical style.  

Like I said, sometimes ya just need to "dial it back" and make a card. 

This is the second clean and simple card I made.  This was created using JustRite Happy Birthday One -Clear Stamps stamped onto JustRite Watercolor Paper Layering Swatches.

It's bold, fun and eye-popping.  And even better - made in a snap. 

The JustRite Watercolor Paper Layering Swatches  comes in perfect card size: 4"x 5.25"  and contains 100 sheets of watercolor paper perfect for layering.
Have a wonderful day and keep life simple today.  

Here are the products I used: 

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