Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Enchanting Halloween Shaker Card Made With LOVE Plus Handy TIP

For the Love of Halloween! 

Here's an enchanting card I made with love. 
Clearly many folks love all things Halloween. 
It's wild popularity has some websites suggesting it to be the second biggest holiday next to Christmas. 

Count me as one of those folks who adores the decorations and festivities of this quirky, fun holiday. 
Spellbinders has given us Halloween fanatics some hauntingly wonderful products to celebrate the season.  

I created a shaker card to send to a family member enchanted by Halloween.  I thought the Spellbinders - Nothing But Love Stamp  by Tammy Tutterow would be a cute twist to use on the background of my card.  After all, it's all about the LOVE of all things Halloween. 

Scroll down the blog post and I'll share my handy recycle tip and money saving for shaker cards. 

These are the Spellbinders products I used:

Here is a better image to show the dimension of this card. 
And aren't those bats simply darling? 

Handy Shaker Card Tip
Don't have any acrylic to make a shaker card?  This is what I do....I eat the rest of the baked goods I bought for the family - this one happens to be the beloved cheese danish.  Just wash and dry and instantly I have acrylic that's proudly been recycled.  

Better yet, have a friend over and share the goodies.  Eat, laugh and make a day crafting together creating Spellbinders shaker cards.  

Look at the top of the container....all that lovely usable acrylic begging to become a shaker card.  

The possibilities are endless - baked goods, fresh fruit and veggies, packaging from your crafts and crafting flowers....search the house high and low, then eat up! 
.....but  PLEASE be mindful of products with allergens like peanuts if you are giving cards to others.   

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a bewitching Halloween season.  

Shapeabilities Witch on Broom Holiday 2017 Etched Dies  S4-834
Spellbinders - Nothing But Love Stamp Set Happy Grams #4  by Tammy Tutterow SBS-153
Spellbinders Nestabilities Classic Heart Die S4-136

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