Friday, August 28, 2020

Coastal Boat Oars DIY Home Decor

Custom DIY Home Decor 

Creative Embellishments has a new product line featuring wood DIY Home Decor designs.  If you have not seen the designs yet,  you'll definitely want to check them out.  

These have been thoughtfully designed as affordably priced, DIY Home Decor pieces and are large durable wooden shapes ready to be decorated as you please; 
paint them,  paper them,  stencil them, alter them, hang them, gift them.
Today I am featuring the new Creative Embellishments Home Decor Wooden - Oars.  I love the beach and everything sea-worthy so this was a perfect DIY choice for me to decorate. 

Creative Embellishments - Oars

 The wooden shapes are large - perfectly sized for a wall, front door, decor grouping. The oars are  12' x12' so there is a lot of surface area to decorate with your special flair.

The shape is smooth unfinished wood,  ready to finish.  No sanding needed.  I chose to paint mine with white acrylic paint to start.  After the paint was dry, I added Authentique's- Voyage Collection - 
12 x 12 Double Sided Paper - Seven
 to the oars because the paper looks like old weathered wood.  
Authentique Paper - Voyage Collection - 12 x 12 Double Sided Paper - Seven

Next I used hemp rope and wound it round the oar handles, gluing/stapling in back to secure. 

Once the rope handles were finished, I used a sea sponge and lightly dabbed them with white acrylic paint - more instant "weathering".  

I added a bit of decorative fishing net to the project - securing in the back using a craft staple. 
The staples also add durability to the finished decor.  

My finishing touches come from a few added coastal chipboard pieces from Creative Embellishments.  
These were also white washed lightly with a sea sponge and white acrylic paint thinned with water. 


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