Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Condolence Card

Condolence Cards 
I created a condolence card using Flying Unicorns Kits from the month of January.  This actually features the Mixed Passion flowers add-on from January.  What is a " flower add-on"?  Well good question and I'm glad you asked.  

The Mixed Passion " flower add-on" is an assemblage of flowers that is meant to accent and coordinate the monthly kit.  These flowers were hand selected for the month of January.  The main paper collection for January was from 13Arts Secret Letters collection so the flowers were an amazing accent. 

Mixed Passion Flower for January kit includes:     All things pretty is what our Mixed Passion Kit is all about. This month it includes: Petaloo Textured Elements Petaloo textured blossoms, Prima pink leaves, Botanica Pink Blossoms, Botanica Floral Ephemera Gray.

While it's true the January kit is sold out, the next kit is available starting Jan 31st - always the last day of the month.   They sell out fast because they are a great value, wildly popular and always trendy.  

Another little hint - the kits are always available for pre-order on the 20th of each month.  You can grab a preview of the kits, and decide if that month's kit is what you need...and it usually is. But the option to choose is always wonderful.   No fun getting stuck with a kit you do not like, which is what can happen with a subscription club.  

At the Unicorns, there is never a subscription obligation.  

Thanks for taking the time to stop.  


Petaloo Botanica Pink Blossoms
Petaloo Floral Ephemera Gray flowers
Flying Unicorns metal Adornments
13Arts Secret Letter paper collection
Prima Finnabair - Clear Stamp -music notes

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