Saturday, January 2, 2016

Dramatic Embellished Cards for the New Year

Dramatic Embellished Cards for the New Year - from the Flying Unicorn!
This is a card I created using the Flying Unicorns Jan kit - but embellished using the Floral kit add-on...called "Mixed Passion".
Flowers, vines,and embellishments oh my!  Mixed Passion is a collection of everything pretty to add to the Main kit or the add on kits. The colors and embellishments will enhance your Kit of the Month creations or it can stand alone and you can create something magical on its own! 

The flowers that came in the Jan add-on Mixed Passion kit have a divine color and texture combination.  For my card, I opted to set aside the blush pinks and grab some red - bold, dramatic, eye catching floral berries and red cardstock. 

The patterned papers are from 13Arts Secret Letters collection that came in the January kit. Other embellishments on this card are from  components of the Small Art Big Passion mini-kit.  I did add my own gingham print ribbon to break up the solids. 

Why make dimensional cards?   
I love showing side views of cards and projects to give you a feel for the dimension of the card.   I've been asked so many times why I make dimensional cards that are definitely more costly to send and that require a trip to the post office.    Well truth is, I love flowers and embellishments.  I can make flat cards.  I have made flat cards.  And then I look at my box of flowers and ribbons and smile and start gluing and adding and clustering and smiling some more.    I do believe this card started off as being flat.  It morphed into a floral extravaganza.  Couldn't help myself.  

Reality = you need to make what you love.  Life is more fun and rewarding that way, especially if this is a hobby.  The real question is how to make what you love and then make it practical. 

How does one send dimensional cards? 
The answer is bubble-wrap or tissue or even paper towel. Nope - I do not buy small boxes to mail my cards.  I just add a little bubble-wrap , tissue paper ( or a layer of paper towel) to the front of my card before I stick it into the envelope.  If it doesn't fit into the envelope, then find or make a bigger envelope.  

I make a trip to the post office,  stand in line with my fellow neighbors, chat a bit, enjoy their company and mail my cards for a lot less than buying cards. 

Do dimensional cards cost more to mail? 
Do dimensional cards cost more to mail?  Yes. Thicker cards that cannot run through the postal sorting machines will cost more as will square cards.  Just keep that in mind.  But look at it this way - you did not buy the card at the store for $3.50 or $4.00. You have a unique, one of a kind, gift from the heart.  Add a printed or stamped sentiment to the card or write your own. Now you saved yourself time as well from standing at the card kiosk in the store reading, hunting, sorting though countless disappointing and tasteless cards.  Your sentiment will say exactly what's on your mind and how you feel.  Perfect!

  Cards are nutty crazy priced these days.  You saved yourself that cost and instead bought a package of flowers/embellishment you love and may be able to use on a few projects or cards.   Now that's a great value. 
Here are a few more views with a close up of the floral clustering. 

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Unicorn Kits and Add On Kits are limited
                                      so do not delay in getting yours!

Flying Unicorns January Small Art Big Passion Kit
Flying Unicorns Mixed Passion floral  add-on
13Arts papers - Secret Letter collection 6x6
Pre Folded Cards
Red floral Berries
Petaloo Botanical Floral Ephemera Grey
Petaloo Elements Textured Black flowers
Black Gingham ribbon from stash
Red cardstock
Prima  SIIC  - Postage

All things pretty is what our Mixed Passion Kit is all about. This month it includes: Petaloo Textured Elements Petaloo textured blossoms, Prima pink leaves, Botanica Pink Blossoms, Botanica Floral Ephemera Gray.


  1. I love your gorgeous card - and totally agree about sending what you love!

  2. Beautiful card! Love the black, grays and shades of red! 💕

  3. Beautiful card! Love the black, grays and shades of red! 💕

  4. Gorgeous card .. love the colour mix!!