Friday, January 1, 2016

Create a Custom Drink Coaster Set - LemonCraft and Flying Unicorns

Custom Drink Coaster Set - from the Flying Unicorns and LemonCraft

January is a month to start a'fresh. This month, the Unicorns have the perfect "Off the Page" piece to help keep everything around you fresh as well. Included in every main kit is this handy unfinished, wooden coaster set.  Your job is to finish it any way you choose... as a gift for someone? Custom crafted for your home?  You decide.

Make sure you scroll down to see two Giant tips when making this project. 
1.  The first tip is to create this project to last- even when you dribble your coffee or tea on it.  (whoops that probably just me that spills and dribbles).
2.  Second tip?  It's really super keep reading and you'll thank me.

This is how it started.  I added the mug as a visual in case folks were not quite sure what a drink coaster set was.

I wanted something delicate, elegant and perfect for a sweet gift.  My obvious paper choice was LemonCraft from Poland...the House of Roses collection.  You can find all the collection right here at the Flying Unicorns.  While I used the House of Roses collection, trust that each collection is equally gorgeous, delicate and super sensational.  Just take a peek for yourself!   See the beauty right here

Here's my super important  project tip #1!
Other than the beautiful papers and the wood coaster set, then next most important product in this project is to use some sort of medium that will nicely adhere the paper to the wood, but then seal the paper as well as the wood to protect from the beverages that may get spilled and drip and slopped.  Not sure about your household, but in my household, that is all too real a scenario. 

Add a generous coating of gel medium to protect everything.  You can use the gel medium as the glue to hold the paper to the project.   13Arts makes a great gel medium - you can find it here.   

Is it easy to use?  
Is it easy to use?  Oh heck yes!  I'm going to take a moment to talk about the wonderful properties of gel medium and how to apply it to projects.   

First the properties:
As the description reads: Water - dilatable medium, waterproof and transparent when dry. Can be used as an all-purpose glue, image transfer, sealer, paint extender, and it create glazes and textures. You can apply it with masks and stencils or with different tools. You can mix it with acrylic paints and water color inks Achieve a gel. 

On projects like this, I use it as a glue to hold my paper in place by using a layer of gel under the paper the same way I'd use glue. Then I paint a layer of gel over the paper to seal it in place.  

 How to Apply the Gel:
I apply the gel to all parts of the project with an inexpensive foam brush.  They can be purchased anywhere and come in a variety of sizes.        

  I use the foam brush because:
  • it has great coverage  - it can cover my project surface faster than a paint brush
  • applies the gel smoothly without brush strokes that a paint brush can leave
  • it seems to be able to squish into corners and little spaces where paint brushes  would need a bit more finesse
  • yes you can even wash it out and reuse it - BUT for those of us on the lazy side, you can toss it out without guilt. 
  Confession time - I am the world's worst person when it comes to cleaning paint brushes.  I'm simply too lazy, or inattentive, or unconcerned, or whatever - pick your adjective.  BUT the foam brush is so cheap that I have no guilt when it gets hard and crusty.  Yeah for that! Boot -out it goes. 

Back to the project.  The papers chosen make such a difference here in the look you want to achieve.  I wanted more of a victorian tea time look - with a touch of elegance and grace.  Hmmm does that even make sense?  In my head it does.  LemonCraft is the only paper I can think of that would create that result. 

I wanted each individual coaster to be different but still be a cohesive set.   

Here's my super important  project tip #2!
Keep your coasters flat!   I repeat - keep your coasters flat! 

As much as you may want to add textures, stencils, molding pastes, lace, trim, flowers, micro beads, glitter, lots of paper layers, and whatnot.....don't do it!  Nope , just walk away and leave the embellishments on your scrapping table.  No coffee cup or wine glass will ever sit flat.  No good will ever come from that.  You'll be destined to messy catastrophes - unless you simply are determined to test the waterproof properties of the gel medium.  

Here are the details of the floral cluster up close.  I chose fabric flowers for the simple reason that once again, if a beverage drips on them, they do not get destroyed as a paper flower would.  

Kits and Add On Kits are limited
and stop by for all your new LemonCraft goodies too!  Divine! 

Flying Unicorns - Your Art Your Passion Main kit for Jan
Darice Wood Coaster Set ( included in the Main Kit) 9190-111
LemonCraft from Poland - House of Roses collection 
13Arts Clear  Transparent Gel Medium
LemonCraft - House of Roses Buttons
Prima Lyric Flowers 564452
Petaloo Spring Berry Cluster Pink 1105101 but these are great too
Hemp Twine
Floral Berries


  1. Fantastic Coaster set Jennifer!! Beautiful work and fantastic tips! :)

  2. Wow! Gorgeous coaster set! I can't wait to receive my kits so I can try this! I have a couple of Lemoncraft papers! Squeeee! Thank you Jennifer for this beautiful project, tips & tutorial, and inspiration!

  3. So beautiful. The papers are gorgeous, Jennifer, but the set you have made here set off the papers to perfection.

  4. Wow!! This is so elegant and so gorgeous .. love it!! Beautiful work!! Love the way you stage your photos too ..