Sunday, June 29, 2014

FabScraps Gentleman's Club Card

FabScraps - Gentleman's Club Collection
FabScraps new Gentleman's Club collection has beautiful, strong and striking graphics.  I decided to share these great graphics in the form of a card.  FabScraps also has wonderful chipboard pieces that compliment their collections. 

I have directions for this card down at the end of my post.  It's a quick super easy and "do-able" masculine card for dad.   Cards do not always need to be cluttered with embellishments and paint splatters and flowers.  Sometimes simple and quick is all you need for a classic looking card.  More is not always better.

Come visit FabScraps at their new blog home.   You can also visit them on FaceBook here.

For This Project You Will Need
  • FabScraps  –Gentleman’s Club  Collection –– Airships  paper C66003  ( small strip)   
  •  FabScraps  –– Gentleman’s Club Collection – Antiquarian paper  C66002  (10in x 4in Strip)
  • FabScraps – Gentleman’s Club  Collection – Journal Book MC66001A
  • FabScraps – Gentleman’s Club  Collection – Gentleman’s Club C66004 (small scraps)
  • FabScraps  -Gentleman’s Club Chipboard – My Hero My Dad DC66004
  • White cardstock
  • Brad
  • Floral berries
  • Cardboard or dimension foam  tape
  • Ribbon
  • Embossing enamel and ink – heat gun
  • Decorative edge punch

1.     Background  Card Preparation:
2.     Start with  FabScraps Gentleman’s Club Collection – Antiquarian paper  C66002 strip of 10 inches long by 4 inches wide.  Fold in half to create base of card
3.     Cut a smaller square of white cardstock and clue to the inside flap – this is for writing your personal sentiments.
4.     Cut  a strip of  white cardstock 5 inches long and punch both edges.  Glue to card near the top.
5.     Cut a smaller 5 inch strip of Gentleman’s Club Collection – Gentleman’s Club paper  C66004 and punch both sides. This will be glued over the white cardstock as a layer.  Make sure the white edges are also showing.
6.     Cut a 5in strip of Gentleman’s Club Collection –– Airships  paper C66003 and glue as a third layer.  Do not punch sides.
7.     Cut  a tag from  FabScraps Gentleman’s Club  Collection – Journal Book MC66001A  and glue to  a piece of cardboard or add foam dimension tape the back for added dimension.   Glue to center of card.
8.      Chipboard Preparation
9.     Cover the FabScraps Gentleman’s Club Collection – My Dad My Hero chipboard  DC66004 with embossing ink and powder.  Heat set with heat gun.
10.   Glue to journal tag.
11.   Embellishing and Finishing Touches:
12.   Add a ribbon bow to top left corner.   Top with a decorative brad.
13.   Add floral berries.
14.   Tuck some additional trim into bow cluster and glue like a banner. 

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