Sunday, June 1, 2014

Flying Unicorns and CSI- Colors Stories Inspiration team up - Case file 125

The Flying Unicorns are guests at CSI -Colors, Stories, Inspiration all month. It's a unique and fun color challenge site..

This months colors are soothing to me like a day at sea.   I have a photo that I got from the US Library Of Congress' Flickr Project that I liked for the color  palette.  The Vanitie was a beauty of a yacht that sailed in the America's Cup sailing competition in the early part of 1914. This particular photo is from 1910-1915 and photographed by Bain News Service.  

If you are unfamiliar with how this is played, you must create a layout.  It must contain two elements from the Evidence list and one from the Testimony.
My evidence :
1.  I used something puffy as I added paper towels to my background and adhered them with gel medium. 
2. I used resins
3. I used scallops.....hehehehe as in sea shells. 

 My Journaling:
There is nothing more comforting than the sea. 
I used Prima Marketing to help decorate my page. 

This is the crew of the Vanitie.
The top of the photo has the word Resolute scratched out.  This was taken by a news service and apparently mislabeled this boat as the Resolute.  The Resolute was the other sailboat chosen to compete against the Vanitie.   The two boats were rivals in the sea for the America's Cup.  The Resolute was the victor.

What I love about these images is the raw gritty nature of the photo.  100 years old and still amazingly haunting.
Come play along at CSI with us and join the fun.   You can find case file 125 here.
Come join in the fun at the Flying Unicorns as well.