Sunday, June 15, 2014

FabScraps -Lil' Cowgirl Featuring the New Gentleman's Club Collection

Introducing the new Gentleman's Club Collection by FabScraps

This is the new Gentleman's Club Collection from FabScraps.  It is strong and it is masculine yet we know we can dress it up for theose feminine moments as well.  You can see the FabScraps Gentleman's Club Collection by clicking the link.

This is a favorite photo of mine that I took a few years back.  My niece as a sassy baby cowgirl.  So very fitting for the collection.

I have step by step instructions below.

C66007 Thoroughbred

C66008 Race Horse

C66003  Airships

I love the amazing metal clasps from FabScraps.  They have that vintage flair.

Visit them on Facebook!  Watch for the other new collections coming soon!

FabScraps – Gentleman’s Club Collection Lil Cowgirl
For This Project You Will Need
  • FabScraps  –Gentleman’s Club  Collection –Thoroughbred   C66007 12x12 sheet
  • FabScraps  –– Gentleman’s Club Collection -  Race Horse C66008 – 6x6 piece
  • FabScraps – Gentleman’s Club  Collection – Airships C66003
  • FabScraps  -Metal Clasp  square
  • FabScraps Stencil
  • Burlap
  • Molding paste
  • Butterflies
  • Alphabet Stickers  - Prima Life Time Alphas 563301
  • Flowers/Floral Vines (Prima Flowers - Button Vine 556051)
  • Decorative edge punches (2 different)
  • Jute
  • Brad
  • 12x12 piece of soft pink card stock plus an little for photo framing
  • Scrap of white cardstock
  • Cardboard or dimensional tape

1.     Background  Preparation:
2.     Start with  FabScraps Gentleman’s Club Collection – Thoroughbred paper C66007 and trim approx  1/8inch off all sides.
3.     Punch Bottom left and top right corners with decorative edge punch.
4.     Starting at the top right corner, cut a hole on the FabScraps Gentleman’s Club Thoroughbred paper slightly bigger than the photo you will be using.  Rip the edges away from the hole – but do not rip off.   You only want to make the hole a little larger.  This will create a “window”
5.     Glue  FabScraps Gentleman’s Club Collection -  Race Horse C66008 paper behind the ripped section.  The Race Horse paper should be showing through the window.
6.     Glue the background sheet on top of a 12x12 piece of soft pink cardstock.
7.     Photo Preparation:
8.      Frame your photo using FabScraps Gentleman’s Club Collection -  Airships paper C66003. 
9.     Now frame your photo with soft pink cardstock
10.   Using a decorative edge punch, punch a few small pieces of white cardstock and tuck under the photo for some added softness and femininity.
11.   Glue photo to background.
12.   Embellishing and Finishing Touches:
13.   Glue some burlap to the page near the ripped window.  And a little below the window.  
14.   Tuck in some of the punched edges in white cardstock and a little in soft pink here and there about the page as desired.
15.   Add butterfly accents
16.   Take a small piece of jute and wind it up into a “lasso”.  Use a brad to attach under the photo.
17.   Adorn with flowers or a floral vine.
18.   Glue FabScraps Metal Clasp  under the photo and photo window.
19.   Finish with small Alphabet stickers.