Thursday, October 1, 2020

Halloween Skull Home Decor Wall Plaque with Tutorial Instructions

Spooky Home Decor
The spooky month is upon us.  Time to get out the Halloween home decor - or make new decorations.  
Today I'm sharing a DIY home decor piece made for October's Creative Embellishments Challenge of the Month.  

Each month comes with a new vision board and a new twist.  This month, the twist is to add wings and it so happens that Creative Embellishment has some rockin' chipboard bat wings.    
 Creative Embellishments - Bat Wings Set 2.html?search=wings

Creative Embellishments - Mini Gears 3 4 Set Of 12.html?search=gears

Creative Embellishments - Steampunk Skulls.html?limit=100

The chipboard treatments were kept super simple - with acrylic paint washes.  The bat wings were painted with a black acrylic paint wash (water mixed with paint).  The steampunk skull and gears  were painted with a white wash - you guessed it, acrylic white paint mixed with water.  

So the real question is why bother adding water to the paint to thin it?  Why not just "go for it" and use full strength acrylic paint?  Great question, Grasshopper.  The details on the chipboard skull and bat wings are pretty crucial to the chipboard design.   If I cover those up, I lose the integrity of the pieces, in my opinion.  The paint washes thin out the paint and do not clog up the fine details like paint would.  

Now the amount of water you add is all up to you.  No magic recipe - but more a matter of satisfaction level and end results.  I always test my washes on the back of the chipboard first before applying.  This way, no tears are shed.  

There's NO crying in crafting and paper play.   Shouldn't be tears at least. 

I added a some finishing accents from Buttons Galore as well.  Of course we all know shaker sequin mixes are essential in making fabulous shaker cards and crafts.  But they are also perfect for adding accents on any project.   

The wall hanging uses Buttons Galore's Haunted House Sequin Mix (Tin) , here and there to dot the piece with a touch of texture.   Haunted House Sequin Mix  is a cool mix of sequins in a variety of shapes and sizes.  This particular mix includes a bit of purple and I left the purple sequins off this project.  My vision was a monochromatic spooky piece.  

3D Buttons are another fabulous addition to any project.  Buttons Galore has a spooktacular selection of Halloween 3D buttons for all your Halloween creations.  I used the TombStone 3D button from
 Buttons Galore 3D Buttons - Spooky Carded Buttons at the top of the plaque as a center for the bow. 

 Buttons Galore -Haunted House Sequin Tin Ll322

Buttons Galore -Spooky Hh126

Thank you for stopping and happy crafting. 


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