Thursday, July 2, 2020

July 4th Cards - Let's Celebrate

Patriotic Cards 
Hello crafty friends. Time to start  the July 4th Independence Day celebrations.  This holiday is always special  but this year is a giant cause for celebration in our family.  We have some "milestone" birthdays being celebrated by my husband and mother. 

 I am featuring patriotic cards that I will be using this weekend for these special birthdays.     

Here are the Creative Embellishments pieces that I used on the cards.  All chipboard pieces have been embossed using either gold or white embossing powder. 

The first patriotic card  is a modified tri-fold card I learned from a friend who is rather crafty herself.  Thanks Billie! 

I used the Creative Embellishments - 4th of July ATC (Artist trading Coins) Set set as a decorative piece to hold the card closed.  
First I backed the coin with cardstock to provide added support and strengthen.  Next, 
I glued half of the chipboard coin to the card and let the other half stick out.  next I glued a second coin to the inside of the card but did not glue the coins together.  

They formed a cool little pocket for sliding the end of the card and holding in place as seen in the image below.
I also added a "pull tab" along the edge of the card to let the recipient know how to open the card. 

This image shows the pull tab on the bottom right side of the card, along with a shot of the double ATC chipboard pieces to hold the card closed. 

Additionally,  Creative Embellishments - Lace Border 6 was heat set with  Super Fine white embossing power and adds a great decorative "bunting" look to the card - keeping with the theme. 

Finishing Accents  - 3D Buttons and Sequins

Need some quick accents to give your projects a finished look and feel?  3D buttons, sequins and shaker mix make for great sprinkles of accent. 

 The cards are embellished with some fabulous 3D finishing touches from Buttons Galore and More including Buttons Galore's Stars Stripes Themed 3D Buttons Gold Star 3D Buttons , and Golden sequin mix .  These make for quick, easy and fun accents to cards, home decor projects, and just about anything. 

 Buttons Galore -Gold Stars 4052?_pos=1&_sid=dcf9bf9dc&_ss=r
Buttons Galore - Gold Stars 4052

 Buttons Galore -Stars Stripes Theme Buttons
Buttons Galore - Stars Stripes Theme Buttons

 Buttons Galore -Golden Ps726?_pos=1&_sid=bc3a2b074&_ss=r
Buttons Galore - Golden Ps726


The paper collection used on the cards today is from Echo Park's America paper collection - bold, beautiful and festive.  

Here is the second card, also a trifold but the Creative Embellishments - Star Pieces are keeping the card closed. The second card is equally festive with the Creative Embellishments - Star Pieces as the decorative focal point on the front of the card.  

Thanks for stopping to visit and have a happy July 4th celebration.  

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