Friday, July 24, 2020

Christmas Shaker Cards - Christmas in July

I'm celebrating Christmas in July. We're at the halfway mark to Christmas festivities and time starts moving quickly as we get closer. 
I am trying hard to be prepared in advance this year.  
With that, I hope I am shaking some inspiration into your day with the featured cards today.   

Creative Embellishments has an amazing assortment of chipboard shaker sets for the holiday.  
You can find the shakers here.  

The image below shows the chipboard pieces used on the cards featured today.  I kept the chipboard treatments super simple and inked them with a rich brown to bring out the browns in the paper.  

The sweet Gingerbread Cookie Shaker is from Creative Embellishments and has been filled with new Sprinkletz shaker mix from Buttons Galore that look like tiny peppermint candy and gingerbread cookies. Buttons Galore Santa Treats Sprinkletz are adorable. 

 There are also 3D buttons adorning the card from Buttons Galore and More.  

I cut apart Creative Embellishments - Gingerbread Men Banner and glued to the card as accent pieces.
The smiles on the gingerbread men make me happy.  Other than the delicious factor, I think the smile is the reason they are so beloved and ageless.  

Here is a close up of the card showing the adorable, chipboard gingerbread and the adorable Sprinkletz shaker mix from Buttons Galore.  

The second card is more traditional featuring Creative Embellishments - Stocking Shaker and holiday wreath design.  

I did decorate the shaker using patterned paper from Maja Design's Holiday in the Alps paper collection.  Imagine the possibilities for personalizing the stocking with someone's name?   

The shaker mix on this card is from Buttons Galore's new collection called Doo Dadz.   I used the Doo Dadz gems to decorate the card as well. This is Buttons Galore Cool Yule Doo Dadz.
Buttons Galore -Cool Yule Dd114

Shaker Maker Essentials for Making Shakers

I have a few favorite products that are my shaker maker essentials.  These are my "go to" supplies because they have made shaker making so much easier. 

Glue/Adhesive:   adhesive choice can make or break your shaker making experience.  If the shaker layers do not hold together, then I'd say you're not going to have a shaker.  If you get glue globs all over the layers and acrylic window, you'll be unhappy.  

I like Nuvo - Deluxe Adhesive because the nozzle is very small allowing for maximum control when you are assembling the layers.  The glue is not super runny so it stays where you place it.  It dries fast and crystal clear and has a strong bond. 

Pick - up Tools for Shaker Mix /Sequins/ Gens  -  Either the embellishments these days are getting smaller or my fingers are getting....well let's just go with embellishments getting smaller.  OK? 

After purchasing a variety of pick up tools, I finally found one that works consistently and doesn't get gunned up with glue. Meet the Crystal Ninja CRYSTAL KATANA 
Mixed Media Pick Up Tool.  This tool was designed specifically for crystal crafting, so I was pretty confident it would help pick up sequins, small paper die cuts, and what-nots. 


Maja Design Paper
My cards feature the festive Maja Design Holiday in the Alps collection.
I combined three beautiful paper patterns from the Holiday in the Alps collection.  They coordinate so well together. to create a festive look.   

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