Thursday, December 19, 2019

Mini Maker's Mark Bottle Shaker Ornaments - DIY Instructions

Makin' Merry With Mini Maker's Mark Shaker Ornaments

Here's an easy DIY project (adults only please) for those "hard to buy for" folks on your Christmas holiday list, Mini Maker's Mark shaker ornaments.  

Start makin' that tree glimmer with some Maker's Mark.   

Instructions are quite simple: 

1.  Grab yourself a mini Maker's Mark.  
2.  Celebrate with a few swigs. 
3. Fill with sequins, beads, buttons - crafty cheer stuff. 
4.  Tie a string around the top and gussy up the bottle - all holiday like and Christmassy. 

ENJOY and start Makin' Spirits Bright around the tree. 

Have yourself a Maker's Mark season of cheer (and be kind this season). 
Drive responsibly too.  

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