Thursday, December 5, 2019

DIY Candy Cane Mason Jar Shaker Ornaments - 3 Easy Steps

DIY Candy Cane Mason Jar Shaker Ornaments  - in 3 easy steps

Making this sweet filled mason jar shaker ornament is as easy as 1,2,3!  

 I bought mini plastic mason jar ornaments at my local Joann Fabric store and loved the idea of filling with candy canes and shaker material from Buttons Galore.  

TIP to act fast: You can also get the mason jar ornaments from  (hurry while still available).   
Step 1.  Fill the mason jar:  add candy canes and shaker mix from Buttons Galore and More   
Step 2.  Close up Jar - add ribbon to the side of the lid. 
Step 3. Finishing touches: embellish with bows, floral berries and an adorable 3D Button from  Buttons Galore

Let's break it down: 
Real candy canes were nothing but a sticky mess. The red/white striped straw makes  the perfect "candy cane".   Cut a few to size and pop in the jar. 

The shaker mix used on this ornament is Buttons Galore's Embellishment Bottle, Frosty Morning mix happens to be a combo of  buttons, sequins and beads.  
santa friends 3D buttons


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I like to use wire on craft projects when I can to keep everything in place.  In this case, the adorable snowman 3D button has a sturdy shank on the back just perfect for securing with wire.  I hid the wire under the ribbon.  I'm sneaky like that.   

Finishing touches
The finishing touches include a 3D Button from Buttons Galore -Winter Wonderland combined with a bow and some floral berries.  

The finished ornament was super easy, adorable, charming and can be customized for that special person.  

Thanks for stopping here today.  Happy crafting. 

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santa friends 3D buttons
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Patriotic Slider Pop-up Card


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