Friday, January 20, 2017

Petaloo Star Box - DIY Home Decor With Tips

Home Decor Featuring Petaloo (with important tip)
Today I am showcasing a patriotic box featuring Petaloo flowers to accent some fun papers from Graphic 45.

I used the "Place in Time" collection from Graphic 45 and paired it with the perfect flowers.  The Petaloo Darjeeling flowers look like they were made just for this collection.  

Tips on Avoiding Critical Mistakes When Decorating Boxes:
I have decorated a lot of boxes in my crafting time.   I started off making one critical mistake that cannot be fixed.  Don't make the same mistake I made.  Scroll down and I'll explain the gigantic problem and how to avoid being frustrated. 

I used the following Petaloo flowers to help gussy up this patriotic box.  

And I even added some Petaloo blooms to the inside of the box because it's equally nice to open a box of beautiful surprises.  
These lovely flowers adorn the inside of the box:

Tip Time
My first box was a mess.  A real train wreck.  Why?  Because the lid would not fit on after I finished adding the decorative paper and covered the sides of the box.  
Sooooooo, here is my TIP for avoiding heartache and problems when decorating boxes.  

This step is only necessary if you plan to decorate sides with paper.  You cannot place paper on the entire side because then the lid will not fit.  So absolutely MUST mark where the paper will go.  To do this, place the lid on the box and draw a pencil line around the bottom of the lid. This will give you an idea of how wide to cut your paper and exactly where your paper needs to stop. 

The photo below shows how your finished box will look.  
The top will fit nicely and will not rip and peel the decorative paper.

Thanks for stopping.  Please visit the Petaloo blog to see all the newly released flowers coming your way soon.  

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  1. this is great, Jen-and thanks for the tip! I love when people share their "oopses" because it happens to all of us and if we can keep somebody else from running into the same problem, that's an act of kindness for sure! It also helps remind the rest of us that brilliant designers like you are human too....hugs!