Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Home Decor - Shabby Chic Love Canvas

Shabby Chic Mixed Media Canvas

This home decor canvas was a collaboration for two amazing companies - Maja Design and Petaloo.  

I originally crafted it to be featured at the Petaloo table at Winter 2017 Creativation ( formerly known as CHA or Craft Hobby Association).  The sweet folks at Petaloo needed pieces to go on tables - not walls - thus I created to be either a tabletop piece or to hang on the wall.  I did decorate and finish the backside of the canvas so that if used as a tabletop home decor piece, then it was beautiful on both sides and could be picked up and held.

I thought this would be perfect on the table for a bridal shower or at as a table top piece for a wedding - because it is pretty from all sides.  
The original canvas is 5"x7" and 2 inches deep.  Once gussied with some gorgeous Petaloo flowers, my own lace trims from my stash and some floral berries, it is a bit bigger. 

Let me tell you a little about the flowers I added to decorate the piece.  I wanted to grab flowers that followed the gorgeous colors of the paper but wanted to pull more green from the paper.
To do this,  I used the following:

In the close up above and below, you will also find the following flowers and a butterfly too:
I used paper from two different Maja Design Collections : Enjoying Outdoors and Summertime.  Many of the collections can be mixed and matched which is what I chose to do. 

Here are some additional additional photos of different angles.  Because this piece has dimension and is made to be looked from all angles, more photos seem necessary for the full effect. 

You can find this piece listed in my ETSY shop right here - along with other pieces I have made that can be found here.  Grab it before it's gone.  

And as always - thanks so much for stopping here .  I appreciate your time,  I know you have many things to do with your time so the very thought that you stopped here is very much appreciated.  

Petaloo Products:
Petaloo Darjeeling Butterflies - Teastained Cream 1488105
Petaloo Darjeeling Mini Rosettes Green - 1491-107
Petaloo Penny Lane - Forget Me Nots - Antique Red 1837-050
Petaloo PennyLane Mixed Blossoms - Antique Red 1836-050
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Maya Design - Summertime collection
Maja Design - Enjoying Outdoors Collection
Canvas 5x7x2
Trims - lace
Floral Berries

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