Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Prima Wreath for Autumn

Autumn Wreaths with Prima
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It's Autumn and temperatures around my house are dropping.  While I prefer the warm weather, Autumn has much to celebrate and a feeling all it's own.    I live in a part of rural NY surrounded by apple orchards, pumpkin farms and vineyards - lots of color pop.   I need to bring that color pop inside my home. 

Prima's  vines and flowers released this season are begging to be used in an Autumn arrangement.  The warm rich colors and burlap are great accents for an earthy autumn piece. 

This wreath celebrates so much of the Autumn goodness around me - the grapevines, the pumpkins, some cinnamon sticks and pine cones tucked in here and there.  The colored  leaves on the trees. 

I created a wreath that's just a little different than the round we are used to seeing.  I grabbed a shallow grapevine basket as my wreath base.   If you are like me, I have baskets, and baskets and then more baskets.  I have no idea how they multiply but I cannot seem to toss them away - so why not use one?! My basket is a shallow one.  

This is a better view showing the Prima metal dies tucked in for fullness.  I love the metal dies because they are so versatile.  

Here is a closer look at the Prima leaf dies and assorted flowers.  My vines and leaves have a few sprays of Color Bloom mist to make them blend and fit. 

Thanks for stopping to visit.  Happy Autumn. 

Prima Supplies:
577414 Prima Capistrano Flowers -  Milk Shake
578459 Prima Bethany Burlap and Canvas Flowers
578695 Prima Forever Green Flowers - Spore
578237 Prima Capri Collection - Pinot Grigio
578275 Prima Providence Collection Vines - Paprika
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  1. This is gorgeous! I love all the textures in your wreath!