Monday, October 20, 2014

Prima Julie Nutting Luggage - Off to Grandma's for the Holidays

A trip to Grandma's for the Holidays - with Prima and Julie Nutting
(you can see the actual Prima post here. )

I thought the luggage would be perfect for a trip to Grandma's for the Holiday's.    That is the themed I tried to create - a festive Christmas.  I envisioned Julie Nutting's Candie doll decorating the hallway singing "Deck the Halls with boughs of Holly..."  I used elements from many of Julie Nutting's stamp sets as embellishments.   This piece has really sparked my holiday spirit.  

I actually wish I could use the front as it's own piece because I am so happy with how it turned out. 

OK here is what I have realized about larger pieces like this - you are better off leaving them unpainted if you can and bypass that step all together.  Unless you have a passion for applying coats of paint to nooks and crannies, then my suggestion is to find a way to make the piece work for you without all that hassle.  

I also decided that I didn't need to use a ton of paper either to make a wonderful look for the outside.  I value my gorgeous Prima papers and did not want to use them to cover such a large area...and also I really love the clean wood look.  Now a nice finishing coat of varnish might make the case stay fresh and pretty.  

I tucked so many fun elements here, from resins to the older mistletoe from Prima , paired with the current Rodanthe ;leaves that have been inked to fit in.   

The resin angel has been misted with Color Bloom mists in Tea Stain. This helps bring out the gorgeous details in her wings and face. 

My inside features two dolls, Candie and Gulia.  Gulia is answering the door as Christmas Carolers joyfully sing outside.  Candie is busy hanging mistletoe and holiday banners with the help of Ingvild Bolme's hand metal ladder. 

Let's not forget Winston the dog ready to nestle in for a nap after he playfully bats at the ornaments Candie will hang on the tree. 
I primarily used the Cigar Box Secrets paper collection on this piece.  I adore that collection for the rich warm colors. I did borrow elemments from Coffee Break as well, but not much. 

Any "wall paper " that is not Cigar Box Secrets papers was created using Bloom Girls Water Color paper pack and painting the edges with watercolors.  I inked them with Chalk Edgers and added Prima Glitter to the edges. 

Most of the little pieces ( the holly, bells, small tree, Marry Christmas stamp, hanging hearts, doll/gingerbread girl) are all from Julie Nutting's stamp sets.  I pulled out various stamps and had fun.

This is Candie and she is hanging holiday decorations.  Her dress has multiple layers and is adorned with Prima glitter.  Her headband and shoes are sparkly too.  

Last the tree...I simply ripped pieces of cardboard, painted it with Olive chalkboard paint, and added some paper over the top.  I coated the whole tree with Prima Art Extravagance Clear Crackle Texture Paste and let dry.  This made the edges curl up gently - I love that little added bonus.   My tree also has Prima Glass Beads as well.  Clearly Candie has not made her way to decorating the tree yet. 

Thanks so very very much!!!

Prima Supplies for Inside of Luggage:
910884 Prima Julie Nutting Luggage
573065 Prima Bloom Collection Paper Clips
961541 Prima Art Extravagance Clear Crackle Texture Paste
961428 Prima Art Extravagance Soft Matte Gel Gloss
961589 Prima Art Ingredients Glitter Set  -Crimson
961572 Prima Art Ingredients Glitter Set  -Mardi Gras
961596 Prima Art Ingredients Glitter Set  - Luminous
961718 Prima Art Ingredients Glass Beads - Plum
575854 Prima Cigar Box Secrets – Clear Stamp
577209 Prima Chalkboard Paint –Olive
846909 Prima Cigar Box Secrets Paper - Robusto
846930 Prima Cigar Box Secrets Paper -Corona
846923 Prima Cigar Box Secrets Paper -Figurado
846916 Prima Cigar Box Secrets Paper - Panatela
846886 Prima Cigar Box Secrets - Paper -Perfecto
573546 Prima Resin Angels 
910747 Prima Julie Nutting – Sugar Plum Stamp Set
910709 Prima Julie Nutting – Merry Nice
910846 Prima Julie Nutting – Dog Treats Stamp
576400 Prima Epiphany  Collection Stick Pin
576073 Prima Julie Nutting – Stamp Block
910723 Prima Julie Nutting – Momma’s Day
910754 Prima Julie Nutting –Giulia Doll Stamp
910570 Prima Julie Nutting – Chipboard Furniture
910792 Prima Julie Nutting – Candie Doll Stamp
577827 Prima Flowers
577582 Prima Flowers –Rodanthe Whitecap
577780 Prima Flowers  - Neptune
566364 Prima Flowers – Tatiana Victorian
576035 Prima Coffee Break Wood Icons
576066 Prima Cigar Box Secrets  Wood Icons
576240 Prima Cigar Box Secrets   -3D Stickers
576158 Prima Cigar Box Secrets  -Cork Stickers
891268 Prima Ingvild Bolme Chalk Edgers Teak Wall
891121 Prima Ingvild Bolme Chalk Edgers –Olive Vine
891053 Prima Ingvild Bolme Chalk Edgers –RaspberryPie
891091 Prima Ingvild Bolme Chalk Edgers –Rusty Bucket
891008 Prima Ingvild Bolme Chalk Edgers – Dark Bark
890995 Prima Ingvild Bolme Chalk Edgers – Black Coal
892180 Prima Ingvild Bolme – Junkyard Findings Light Bulbs
573836 Prima Color Bloom Tea Stain
892432 Prima Ingvild Bolme – Mail Box
890704 Prima Ingvild Bolme  - Resin Window
556662 Prima Genie Stones
572785 Prima Metal Die

Prima Supplies for Front of Luggage:
573836 Prima Color Bloom Tea Stain
961145 Prima Finnabair Mechanicals
564001 Prima Say It In Crystals 
544058 Prima Flowers – Antique Mistletoe
571436 Prima Flowers – Layla
566364 Prima Flowers – Tatiana Victorian
577780 Prima Flowers – Rodanthe – Whitecap Neptune
578428 Prima Burlap Petals
891411 Prima Ingvild Bolme Resin Cupid
573614 Prima Trim - assorted spools 3
846916 Prima Cigar Box Secrets Paper - Panatela
Other Supplies: 
Pine cones



  1. I also love the dolls and have them, but this suitcases is truly amazing. Just might have to try something like this, but it will be awhile. TFS a.

  2. Wow. I literally need to scrape my jaw off the floor. This project is AMAZING!!!! It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Whoever this is going to is one lucky recipient!!!!