Monday, October 6, 2014

Flying Unicorns and FabScraps - Shabby Vintage Chic - Featuring the Industrial Chic Collection

Flying Unicorns Oct Kit Features FabScraps

I love the Industrial Chic collection from FabScraps. They created a wonderful blend of elegance paired with edgy charm.    Because there are so many beautiful papers in this collection, I opted to layer and show a few of them. 

FabScraps also has beautiful matching chipboard like the one below.   I simply embossed this with white enamel and added some pink ink to the top. 

The flowers are Prima - of course BUT I have tucked in a few of the paper die cuts from FabScraps as well.  FabScraps does a unique and innovative thing with each collection - they have stamped out matching die cuts that can be used to layer over their chipboard or to be used as stand alone pieces.
I used the flower fie cuts and inked the edges to tuck here and there under the clustering.  Helping to make the clustering a bit fuller.

In this photo, you can see the dimension I have added to the strips.  That's done by adding some cardboard to the backsides.  I like card board when I can use it.  The cardboard provides solid support to the entire dimensional piece versus using a strip of dimension foam tape.   I  will not get the sagging and dips that happen when I use foam tape  and do not cover 100% of the surface area. 

For This Project You Will Need

  • Flying Unicorns Kit of the Month
  • FabScraps  –Industrial Chic Collection– Wood Chic  C67001  6x12 sheet
  • FabScraps  –Industrial Chic Collection– Wood Chic2  C67002  6x12 piece
  • FabScraps  - Industrial Chic Collection –Paintl Chic C67006 12x12 sheet
  • FabScraps – Industrial Chic Collection – Journal Set Dies MC67001A
  • FabScraps – Industrial Chic Collection – Urban Style Chipboard  DC67005
  • Flowers
  • Wide Lace Trim – 12 inches in length
  • Cardboard or foam dimension tape
  • Gesso or white paint
  • White aged embossing powder, ink and heat gun
  • String pearls
  • Pink /peach ink
  • Brown ink

1.     Background  Preparation:
2.     Background sheet is FabScraps Industrial Chic Collection –Paintl Chic C67006. 
3.     Cut /rip a 3 in wide strip of FabScraps  Industrial Chic Collection– Wood Chic2  C67002   and cut the bottom like a chevron.  Glue to the right side of background paper leaving the tips unglued. 
4.     Cut/rip increasingly smaller chevrons from Wood Chic2 C67002 and glue to the top of the page with the smallest chevrons at the left side of paper.  Leave tips unglued. 
5.     Cut/rip similar chevrons from Industrial Chic Collection– Wood Chic  C67001   and glue  in layers over the Wood Chic2 pieces.    You may want to add dimension to the page by backing a few of the chevrons with dimension tape or cardboard.  Leave tips unglued. 
6.     Glue photo in place.
7.     Taking small pieces of cardboard or dimension tape, tuck under the ends of the chevrons so that the ends appear to be flapping in the wind.  Curl up the tips a little for extra emphasis. 
8.     Chipboard Preparation
9.     Using FabScraps Industrial Chic Collection – Urban Style chipboard DC67005,  coat with embossing powder and heat set.
10.   Glue to page.  Rub some pink or peach colored ink over the chipboard here and there for accent.
11.   Embellishing and Finishing Touches:
12.   Add flowers to the top left of the page over smaller chevrons. 
13.   Add flowers to the bottom right corner of the photo.
14.   Taking  FabScraps Industrial Chic  Collection - Journal Set Dies MC67001A , pick out some flower dies and ink the edges brown to highlight.  Cut in half.
15.   Tuck the pieces under the floral clusters to add fullness and interest. 

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