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Prima - Hobby Lobby Wall Decor

Spring  Love - Altered Chipboard Wall Décor
by Jennifer Snyder for Prima Marketing
Here is a decorated wall hanging to welcome Spring to your home.  I created this specifically for the Summer Edition 2013,  Hobby Lobby Scrapbook Magazine.  

All the products used were found at Hobby Lobby - from the wooden word to the Prima supplies. 

Step by step detailed instructions are listed below along with the product list.

Prima Product List:
844394 Doodle Deux 6x6 Paper Pad
529307 Say It In Crystals –SIIP Swirl Pink Flourish
560836 Press Block
560850 Press Font
921927 Poppies & Peonies Canvas Banners
543129 Swallowtail Butterflies Azure (H)
539412 Ameruse Duchess Mix Flowers
549053 Sugar Blooms Flowers
529550 Wildflowers Pillar Pack Mixed (H) Flowers
Other: Paper Studio Chip Décor - Die Chip Word LOVE 5” item 340059, Ranger Distress Ink-Black Soot, Scissors, Fabri-Tac Adhesive, Ceram Coat Acrylic Paint – cream, Foam Brush, Light Blue Embroidery Floss

Instructions for Spring Love Wall Décor:

Chipboard Word Preparation:
1. Paint the front  and side edges of  Paper Studio Chip Décor - Die Chip Word LOVE 5”  using a foam brush.  Allow to dry.
2.. Remove four sheets of paper from the Doodle Deux 6x6 pad – two light blue sheets and two cream sheets to be used in covering the letters of the word “LOVE”.
      “L” will be a cream sheet.
      “O” will be a blue sheet
      “V” will be a cream sheet
      “E” will be a blue sheet.
3. The easiest way to cut the papers so that they fit each letter perfectly is to place each piece of paper on the letter and then turn the chipboard  upside-down on your table and trace around each letter.
4. Cut letters out with scissors and carefully glue letters to the chipboard word using Fabri-Tac Adhesive. Make sure there are no bubbles and that each letter is smooth on the chipboard

Making the Canvas “Spring” Banner
5.  Cut 18 inches of light blue embroidery floss, knotting the ends so they do not fray.  String six  Poppies & Peonies Canvas Banners together  leaving equal amounts of floss at each end to hang the banner when complete.
6.  Using one of the canvas banners as a template, trace the banner onto one of the pink sheets of Doodle Deux paper making the tracing 1/8th of an inch larger on all sides than the original banner.  Cut six pink banners. 
7. Ink all the edges of the pink banner pieces and glue to the back of each canvas banner, tilting a bit to make a nice colorful accent for each canvas piece.
8. Find the page from the Doodle Deux pad that has decorative circles and cut out six circles. Using the Prima Press Block and Press Font, stamp a letter on each circle with black ink to spell “SPRING”.
9. Glue circles to the canvas banner spelling “Spring”.
10. Attach the banner to the “L” and to the “V” using the extra embroidery floss to secure. Glue the banner in place with Fabri-Tac Adhesive. Also glue the excess embroidery floss to the back of the chipboard.

Embellishing the Chipboard Word
11. Glue a Swallowtail Butterfly to the top of the “L” as if it is carrying the banner.  Glue a second butterfly to the top of the “V” as if it is carrying the other end of the banner.
12. Time to apply the  Say It In Crystals –SIIP Swirl Pink Flourish to the letter “E”.  Do not remove the crystal flourish from the acrylic backing – instead leave it attached and simply cut around the flourish with scissors.  Leaving it adhered to the acrylic provides support to the flourish so you can use it on projects.
13.  Position the crystal flourish over the “E” so that it appears to be flowing from the butterfly.  Glue in place using the Fabri-Tac Adhesive.
14.  Select one pink Ameruse Duchess Flower and two Sugar Bloom Flowers and glue to the bottom of the “E” forming a cluster. 
15.  Select three large flowers from Wildflowers Pillar Pack in bright pink, yellow and  light pink.  Fold each flower in half and glue to the back of the “E” one at a time near the cluster to make the cluster fuller. Light pink first, yellow next and bright pink being the very bottom layer.
16.  Select a small white  and a small green flower from Wildflowers Pillar Pack.  Glue white flower to the “V”.  Fold the green flower in half and glue next to the white flower to appear as leaves.
17.  Select a large bright pink flower and a light pink flower from Wildflowers Pillar Pack.  Fold the flowers and tuck behind the top of the “L”  so they appear to be peeking from behind the “L”.  Glue in place.

18.  Hang on wall using the nail holes on the back of the chipboard.

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