Monday, April 27, 2020

Unicorn Shaker Shadow Box Home Decor

Glittery Unicorn Shaker DIY Home Decor

Hello crafty friends. Today I'm sharing a glittery, sparkly, magical unicorn DIY shaker shadow box.  Adding glitter, sparkles and shakers to your projects is easier than you think. 
If you scroll down, I show how I made this unique unicorn home decor piece. 

The features shaker piece was created using Creative Embellishments  - Baby ATC Set.  The cool thing about these ATC's is that Creative Embellishments has made it super easy to transform them into fabulous shakers with the Coin Ring and Shaker Acrylic Pieces .



The inspiration for this DIY magical piece was the unicorn Christmas ornament snagged from the clearance section at Hobby Lobby.  I saw the ornament on clearance and and tossed it into my cart.  Actually I bought the last two.  I couldn't leave one unicorn all alone (especially for the eye popping clearance price).   

Next I saw a pink glittery picture frame also in clearance and tossed it in my cart.   

As I mentioned above, the moon and stars shaker was made using Creative Embellishments  - Baby ATC Set and the shaker adaptor rings - the Coin Ring and Shaker Acrylic Pieces .  For this particular piece, I wanted the shaker to be totally see-through so I used two acrylic windows for the shaker - no worries since six acrylic windows come in the adaptor set.  

 I think the transparent effect is charming and perfect for my magical themed project.  

The chipboard pieces were painted white, assembled and filled with shaker mix from Buttons Galore and More, then the edges finished with white tulle.   

The cute resin castle and coach embellishments are 3D buttons from Buttons Galore -  Happily Ever After , Fairy Tale Collection.  
Patriotic Slider Pop-up Card

The Glitz and Sparkle (Sequins and Shaker Mix)

The glittery sequin, button and bead mix is from Buttons Galore and More.  I used two different mixes for this project: 

1.   Midwinter Night Shaker Cube Mix ( used for the background)

Patriotic Slider Pop-up Card
Patriotic Slider Pop-up Card
Buttons Galore/ 28 Lilac Lane -Unicorn Legend Shimmerz RZ103

*********************************************************************************This piece has been bedazzled for sure - exactly what I'd expect from a unicorn.  

The "Believe in Magic" words were printed on my computer and attached to the finished piece using gel medium.  

Here's how I created this piece:  
1. The back of the picture frame was removed and covered with Silver Glitter Paper .  I slathered a generous amount of 3D Matte Gel medium or  heavy body gel  to the glitter cardstock.  

I love this gel because it dries crystal clear, and acts like a super bonding glue to hold all those beads and sequins in place.  

2. I poured glittery  Midwinter Night Shaker Cube Mix mix from Buttons and Galore over the gel medium, making sure there was a thick covering and let air dry.  

If you use a heat gun to make the process quicker, it will bubble and my warp or discolor the glitter paper. 

3. After the back of the picture frame was removed, two eye hooks were screwed into the wooden frame - one near the head and one eye hook at the tail , enabling me to secure the unicorn in place with wire.   After the unicorn was set into place and wired securely, I could finish assembling the shadow box.   

It looks very complex when assembled but it was actually a simple piece to create and gussy up into something unique and  befitting a unicorn.  

Thanks for stopping here.  Happy crafting.  

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Patriotic Slider Pop-up Card
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  1. this is magical—really like that you use unusual and found pieces in your creations