Monday, May 28, 2018

Shaker Cards - Using Chipboard - DIY Tutorial

I'm here today wishing you a Happy Memorial Day and remembering all those brave service men and women who gave their lives for our continued freedom.  

I've got some patriotic shaker cards to share using the cool and unique  Star Doodle Frame chipboard from Creative Embellishments.   

Shaker cards using chipboard?  Absolutely!  Super easy too! 
  Scroll down to see my DIY tips showing how I made these.  

 I simply glued two chipboard star shapes together and filled them.  I don't think shaker cards can get any easier. 

The stars are not identical.  They are all different and beautifully unique - but don't let that distract you from trying this cool technique.  You really don't notice the differences when assembled.  Actually I think the differences add a bit more charm to the card. 

Here is my first card.  The papers I used on this card are from Maja Design and are from the "Life in the Country" collection. 

DIY Instructions - Tutorial
Choose your star chipboard pieces.  Once again, I used  Star Doodle Frame chipboard from Creative Embellishments.   

Back one star with paper.  

Next cut an acrylic star to fit the chipboard.  Don't have any acrylic?  This is what I do....I eat the rest of the baked goods I bought for the family - this one happens to be the beloved cheese danish.  Just wash and dry and instantly I have acrylic.  

Look at the top of the container....all that lovely usable acrylic begging to become a shaker card.  
The possibilities are endless - baked goods, fresh fruit and veggies, packaging from your crafts and crafting the house high and low. 

Here is the second card I created.  I little more patriotic.   

I decided to leave the chipboard natural for this card because the kraft color of the chippies really made a nice accent for the paper.  

Thanks for stopping here today.  

Where to shop? 

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Creative Embellishments - Star Doodle Frame
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Maja Design  - Life in the Country

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  1. I've never made a shaker card but this looks easy. I get muffins for my youngest at Costco and they come in those plastic containers that would be perfect material for shakers! You are so clever. I love both of these cards!