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Prima's Memory Hardware by Frank Garcia - Pirate Chest - with Escape Kitty

Prima and Frank Garcia's - Memory Hardware Showcase ( with the help of Escape Kitty)
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I have a whole lot of scrumptious Memory Hardware going on. I love it .  I actually have a tutorial if you scroll down– showing exactly how I used the hardware.

The Memory Hardware collection is bursting with fun, unique and rich products.  What can be more rich than a pirates treasure chest filled with chains and trinkets.  I had a lot of fun with this piece utilizing so many wonderful items from the Memory Hardware line.  

I have a helper who also loves the treasure chest.  My little Escape Kitty makes a dashing pirate.  I cannot lie. She prefers a chest filled with cat toys and catnip booty.  

Because Escape Kitty cracks me is a second photo.  
 The "Before" photos. 
This was a treasure chest left over from a Halloween clearance sale.  I love finding goodies on the "cheap".  I admit I can get carried away with storing cool things for future use and I was happy to tell my husband that I actually used something from "THAT SHELF".   "That Shelf" as he calls it -the junk shelf with all my clearance finds.  It's a marvelous shelf of happiness. 

Plus it was pre-painted.  BONUS!

This is obviously the "Before and After" photo.  Pretty dramatic. But honestly the project is only as good as the richness and quality of the products.  Which is why I adore Frank's Memory Hardware collection. 

How Did I Make This? 

Typically, projects look complex and difficult when first viewed.  When the steps are broken out, it suddenly becomes a little easier.  This is not a difficult project.  I'll show you:

Step 1.  Cut paper to fit the chest and accent with Artisan Powders. I used Prima and Frank Garcia's wonderful French Riviera collection.  My Artisan Powder is Umber. 

Step 2.  Once the papers are in place, I added Memory Hardware Antique Screws to each corner.  I am going to drape some Memory Hardware chains and I want them to be secure.  This is an easy and durable solution.  When making an "off the page" project or altering home decor, I try to think durability.  

The screws did twist into the wood without the aid of any tools but I had a paper piercing tool ready to punch a small hole just in case.  
Step 3.  Time to pull out the Prima Paper Clay and IOD Moulds.  
Step 4.  I let the moulds dry overnight then I started distressing them. I have a few different steps for distressing these.  

I used all three Memory Hardware Artisan Powders even though only two are shown (Clay Brown, Black and Umber. )   I sprinkled a little powder on my craft mat and added a bit of water.  Then I painted onto the moulds getting into all the crevasses.  

Step 5.  I topped the moulds with Prima Color Bloom in Antique Gold. 
Step 6.   Before I added the finished mould to my piece I wanted to distress the box.  I felt the black pre-painted chest was too stark and unexciting.  I created a wash by spraying Prima Color Bloom Antique Gold onto a paper towel and rubbing it all over the chest.  This actually helped blend the paper and wood perfectly to create a more uniform look. A nice finishing touch.  

Step 7.   First of all- look at the warm golden sheen on my project.  I love it.  The wash is perfect.  

I used a strong glue to secure the mould - Beacons 3In1,  It holds almost everything - and is way more dependable than hot glue.  Hot glue will degrade in a very short time.  Give this chest a year on a dresser and the mould may fall off if I had used hot glue.  
Step 8.   Next is to start adorning the piece with Memory Hardware chains.  This is where my Antique Screws come into play.  I simply string the chains through the screws.   EASY

A better close up of my process. 
Step 9.   Time to gussy up the chest by adding treasures and trinkets.  In this next step I combined two of my favorite Memory Hardware products to make a customized trinket. 

 I am using Beacons 3in1 glue  here as well because it's strong, durable and dries crystal clear.  I did be sure to dry this completely before continuing with the next steps.   

Step 10.   I did have to pull out my needle nose pliers for this step.  In order to secure the chain to the trinket, I  added Memory Hardware Rings to  each side.  I secured them tightly with the pliers.    I'll show you both the front and the back.  I used this trinket horizonally as I thought it was a better fit for my piece. 

  Here is the backside of the trinket
Step 11.   A " whoops " learning moment.  I added my trinket to the chain and continued to finish my project.   I realized the trinket was a little too droopy  and heavy looking without support. 

I added another screw to the front of the chest and attached it to the trinket.  I also needed my handy pliers for this as well. A little re-engineering backtrack and all was fixed.

Now I was ready to continue stringing  the chains.  
Step 12.   I secured the chain by using a Memory Hardware Ring and dangling the coin trinkets from La Rochelle Trinkets pack.  I honestly have no idea what a doubloon looks like so these are  now my pirate doubloons.  
Here is the finished Pirate Treasure Box:  
( my stars were the cool  Finnabair Mechanicals - Vintage Brads Stars)

Thanks a bunch for stopping!

and special thanks to Escape Kitty who does put up with a lot from me. 

Here are the wonderful products I used:

991197 Prima - Memory Hardware - Artisian Powder - Parthenay (Clay)

990725   Prima - Memory Hardware - La Rochelle Antique Trinkets
991050  Prima - Memory Hardware - Cours Mirabeau Floral Lace
990732  Prima - Memory Hardware - Genouille Antique Screws
990664  Prima - Memory Hardware - Montagnac Antique Cord Chain - Antique Brass
990763  Prima - Frank Garcia - paper 12x12 French Riviera-Respirer l'air de La Mer 
990626  Prima - Memory Hardware - Villeneuve Antique Rings
814991  Prima - Iron Orchid Desgins - Paper Clay
814809   Prima - Iron Orchid Desgins - Vintage Art Decor Mould - Baroque 4
814823   Prima - Iron Orchid Desgins - Vintage Art Decor Mould - Baroque 6
573843   Prima - Color Bloom - Spray Mist - Antique Gold
961169   Prima - Finnabair Mechanicals - Vintage Trinkets - Brads - Stars

Other Products:

Hemp Twine Cording
Vintage Brown colored ink
wooden pirates chest


  1. very very awesome project! love this Jennifer

  2. Wow, Jennifer, your pirate chest is so very gorgeous!! All of the wonderful details you added from Frank's line made it perfect. And, big smile for your wonderful Escape Kitty - give Kitty a chin rub for me!