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Escape Kitty in a Basket - Flying Unicorns and Frank Garcia - Prima

Tales of You & Me - by Prima and Frank Garcia

The April kit from Flying Unicorn was chock full of Prima this month.  

Prima's newest collection by Prima and Frank Garcia, Tales of You & Me ,  is one of those collections that is a "must have"  - with soft warm colors.  I decided to show you how important photo choices are in your end result.   I created a layout with three different but similar photo options.  

My photo options: Escape Kitty is chocolate sepia, my sweet little niece in rosey creams and a photo of my siblings in a bright sepia.  

First:  Escape Kitty ( because she'd have it no other way)
I know that Escape Kitty certainly digs this collection - makes her look absolutely enchanting.  

Escape Kitty is no different than most kitties ( shhhhhhh I'll never tell this to her sweet furry cat face).  She loves boxes and baskets and places to explore and jump into for a quick shut-eye.  She looks puuuuurfetly angelic here.  

I love the darling photo.  It matches wonderfully with the collection but is it too busy?  Maybe.  I still love it.  

Simply as a result of my indecision, I said adios to my kitty and brought my sweet niece in for a test.   Her lovely soft creams and blush pinks are a great match to the papers.  I also love the results.  So why stop there?

Last, I decided to toss my siblings into the ring of indecision.  I like the bright sepia photo because the layout have some bright cream accents. 

And the winner is...............
 The winner of my heart is Escape Kitty.  Yes, of course I love my siblings and my darling niece.  But I no longer live with my siblings and do not see my niece daily.  I do, however,  have a sassy furball cat who will stomp on my face at 4am to wake me so I try to keep on her good side and make her happy.  Just being truthful and practical. 

Here's how I cut my papers and organized my layout:

It's hard to see what a gorgeous piece of paper hides behind side A of this piece of paper.  I do wish  the papers were displayed so that both sides were seen, as both are  equally gorgeous, but the internet doesn't show both sides very well.  No fear -  I will show you. 

I focused on using side B.  I cut the edges and flipped on of the edges.  This created a fascinating border for me to use.  From there, I continue to build my Escape Kitty page.  

Here are more close up's of the page with embellishments from Frank's Tales of You & Me collection as well as from the Flying Unicorn April collection.  

This is Available in my ETSY shop ( I'll add your photo)

Here's a twist:  I have this page available in my ETSY shop and I will add YOUR photo to the page.  You can email the photo and I'll make it fit - turn it a beautiful creamy sepia if you want...and make it look spectacular ( even better then Miss Kitty's photo).   Check out this and the rest of the shop items right here.   You can see the actual ETSY item here

More details and sweetness:

If you missed the Flying Unicorn Kit this month, consider grabbing the kits when they are available for pre-order on the 20th of every month.  You get a great preview of the entire kit and have a few payment options.   You can find all the details right here.  

Thanks for stopping here.  Enjoy Frank Garcia's collections! You can find the Tales of You & Me collection right here.  You can find Frank's other collections here as well and all the other fun Prima goodies at the Flying Unicorns Store

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  1. You crack me up!!! Love how Escape Kitty(the obvious winner) beautifies tha layout!! GORGEUS