Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Shake up February with a Shaker Card

Shaking up February   

I love shaker cards.  They are fun to make , fun to receive and even more fun to give away.   I used my February kit from the Flying Unicorn , featuring Riddersholm's Newport collection to help me shake it up.  

I also have some photo step-by-steps so you can see my process.  They are pretty simple once you have the hang of things.  

Here's How I Made this:
Step1.   I love to finish my edges with ink.  I like the way the ink makes a great soft edge on my projects.  I also love using pre-folded cards with envelopes because I am not the best at paper scoring to create my own cards.  Plus I find it frustrating to look for enveloped that match.  If I buy them as a set, I eliminate the search for envelopes. 

Step 2. The kit included some Prima Paintables 4x6 cards.  I used the printable card as a frame and cut the center out.  
Step 3. Time to add the window of the shaker card.  Easiest and cheapest way is to save your acrylic from packaging and recycle it for the cover of a shaker card.  

Save the acrylic from packages of flowers, embellishments, and any other product that you have.  

Now I must admit that mine came from a package of cookies or danish - not sure which.  I am wondering if I love shaker cards so much because subconsciously they make me think of cookies and delicious baked goods?  That could very well be.  

Step 4.  Do NOT glue the window onto the card yet.  We need to fill the window still with goodies.  I wanted to add some stamping to the inside of my window and a paper butterfly as well.   

Fun foam makes for a wonderful layer for the shaker card.  It's very inexpensive and cuts easily.  You want to make sure you use a material that doesn't let the shaker beads and sequins leak out.  Cardboard isn't the best to use because the corrugation on the cardboard makes for a lot of opportunity for beads to fall out.  

I tried using cardboard once and when I held up the card and gave it a shake, my micro beads tumbled to the floor.  YIKES.  

Step 5. Add shaker beads, sequins, and anything else you desire. Once the material of choice is added, you can close up and pop the top onto the card.  

Step  6.   Continue to decorate and embellish the card.  I added some flowers and ribbon here.  Not much else.  I wanted the shaker to be the main feature. 

It's just THAT easy!

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  1. Love the beautiful shaker card, Jennifer! Thanks for the tip on the foam - I will give it a try.

  2. Gorgeous shaker Jennifer! Simplicity in creating with the foam and perfect addition of flowers and ribbon...perfect for any occasion:)