Monday, February 8, 2016

My Little Piece of Summer ( Altered Home Decor)

My Little Piece of Summer ( Altered Decor)

This is my altered art for the month of February using the Flying Unicorns kit.  A wonderful unique item is included in the Flying Unicorn "Your Passion Your Art" main kit each month.  This month's "Off the Page " (or OPT as we like to call it) project was a cool large wooden  sign from Darice.  

Here is a photo of the "before".  It's really a beautiful piece on it's own.  But the fun part of the OTP is taking the item and enhancing it to something personal and extraordinary - artful if you will.
February is the time to sit and let love into your heart. With that, we know you'll just love this month's perfect "Off the Page" piece. The "Off the Page", or "OTP" as we call it, is included in every main kit. Now that's a LOT of love!

 I decorated the Darice OTP with a beachy theme because the beach is the place where I feel at peace, and refreshed.  It's a much beloved place for my husband and me.  The shells and small coral pieces included in this piece are shells that I found and brought home from Florida.  

Scroll down and I will show you how I altered this piece. 

Step 1.This home decor piece comes pre-painted with a black finish.  The first step in altering and changing the color is to prime it.  I am priming mine with gesso.  When the gesso dries, it has a rough surface that grabs and holds paint.  

A foam brush is perfect for getting into nooks and tight spots. Plus you can can rinse out the foam brush and re-use on step 2.  

Step 2.  I wanted to add some sand colored warmth to my piece so I added chalkboard paint. This is Prima's Chalkboard Paint in Sand Color.  I did not let this dry before moving on to step 3.  

Step 3 I went ahead and accented the piece with some light blue chalk paints before the sand color dried.  I wanted the paints to blend.   I used Prima's Chalkboard paint in Egg Blue and Sea Breeze. 

Step 4  After the paint was thoroughly dry, I glued the hemp rope to the piece.  I used strong glue that really holds the test of time.  I chose Beacons 3-in-1.  It dries clear, quickly and provides a strong bond. 

I did not use a hot glue gun.  Why? glue does not form a lasting bond.  In a matter of time, the glue breaks down and your gorgeous creation will lose it's embellishments, rope and beauty.  No good.  Not my suggestion.  

Step 5.  I wanted to add a sandy, chunky texture to my piece so I slathered on the Texture Paste in White Sand by Prima.  It looks like sea foam to me.  

You definitely need to let this dry before moving on.  

Step 6. Last step before adding embellishments was to give this piece a sun bleached, salty weathered look.  I painted white acrylic paint lightly onto the piece  -  the hemp rope, the base, the back, and sides.  When I felt the acrylic paint was too thick, I watered it down a bit by mixing the paint and water on my craft mat as in the photo below. 

Some folks may use gesso in this step.  I did not. I tried, then decided to go for acrylic paint instead.  I felt the gesso was too light and did not provide the results I wanted.    
Time to decorate. 
I had some pretty gold weave trim that I glued in place, twisting and turning it as I glued it to the wood.  The twisted trim adds movement to the piece, like a gentle wave that breaks and leaves a frothy path as it hits the sand.

In this photo you can see  I added  a few Prima's Crystals (SIIC) tucked here and there for accent, flowers from Petaloo that reminded me of coral and floral berries

In this photo you can see more Prima crystals, some beach shells and coral.  All of my embellishments are attached with the Beacon's glue as well.  I want them to last and stay attached. 

Thanks for stopping for a visit.  I appreciate your support.  

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Flying Unicorns "Your Passion Your Art" February
Darice Wooden "Love" word
Prima Chalk Board Paint - Sand 577148
Prima  Chalk Board Paint Egg Blue 577216
Prima  Chalk Board Paint - Sea Breeze 577230
Prima Atr Extravagance - Texture Sand - White  961473
Prima SIIC  576226
Petaloo Flowers Textured Teal Blossoms 1256208


  1. Oh Jennifer this is absolutely STUNNING and a brilliant tutorial too. Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  2. Gorgeous girlie!!!!!! Thank you for the tip on Beacon vs hot glue! I would have never known :)

  3. I absolutely love this! You are so creative!