Friday, July 3, 2015

Flying Unicorns July cards

Flying Unicorns July Kit of the Month

This month, the kit features LemonCraft papers.  wow - they are beautiful and delicate and so gorgeously floral.  ahhhhh what a delight.  BUT sadly folks, ya gotta cut the papers to really enjoy them.  yeah, you can love'em and stare at them sitting in your stash bin....but I am betting your stash bin is a drawer or closet.  So you can't see them anyway when they are stuck in a closet. 

 USE them, cut them ( and just buy more).  That's the attitude I'm going with.  

So to celebrate my motto, I made this card.  I cut and glued and layered and embellished.  The papers are so pretty that they are just about already done in perfect card form - you just need to add a few extras...or not.  Your choice but I like flowers so I added a few. 

Come join us at the Flying Unicorns and have some fun.  Facebook page right here

Flying Unicorn July Your Passion Your Art
Petaloo Penny Lane - Beige
LemonCraft Papers - House of Roses
Prima Debutante Wood Icons 579555

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