Tuesday, January 21, 2014

FabScraps Retro Twist Collection Butterfly Tin

FabScraps introduces the Retro Twist Collection

This collection is bold, colorful, dripping with movement and graphics. Absolutely fun to use in both masculine and feminine ways.  Below is a sample of the paper collection.  This collection also has a full array of accompanying chipboard pieces.  

Using the butterfly graphics as the focal point, I created a little decorated treat tin out of an old peanut canister.  I ate the peanuts, but you can leave them in the tin and give that as a little gift as well. 
I fussy cut the butterflies from FabScraps paper called Fantasy Flight C65005.  I glued some cardboard to the undersides of my butterflies to keep them from bending.  Pop dots or dimensional dots will allow them to bend in places.    You can see the cardboard peeking here and there in my photos but in real life, it is just fine and you do not notice the cardboard.

I had a small metal hinge that I glued to the underside of the butterfly below.  This will keep it's wings still and in place, permanently bent as in flight. 

Look for this fun collection to be shipped soon.
Thanks for stopping for a look.   Visit FabScraps blog and Facebook page for all the new releases.

For This Project You Will Need

1.     Tin Preparation - Bottom:
2.     I used a small can that had peanuts as my tin.   Paint the bottom of the tin with gesso to make the paper hold better.
3.     Cut the paper FabScraps Retro Twist  C65005 to size and glue around the tin.
4.     Punch two strips of paper FabScraps Retro Twist –Fantasy Butterfly paper C65006.   Ink the edges for definition.  Glue the strips to the top and bottom of the tin. 
5.     Cut gold trim to size and glue trim to the top and bottom of the tin, making sure not leave the punched border showing.
6.     Tie burgundy fibers around the top of the tin and glue the ends in place, draped down the side of the tin.
7.     Tin Preparation - Top:
8.     Paint does not really adhere well to plastic top so simply cut  a paper circle  from FabScraps Retro Twist –Fantasy Butterfly paper C65006 to size and glue to the top of the lid. 
9.     Glue gold trim to the top to finish off the lid.
10.   Embellishing the Top:
11.   Tie a  large bow of green trim and glue to the top.  Tie a smaller burgundy bow and glue to the green bow. 
12.   Fussy cut a large  and small butterfly from FabScraps Retro Twist Collection –Fantasy Flight paper C65005  paper.  Glue cardboard to the back of the butterflies to strengthen them.
13.   Bend butterflies wings  and glue butterflies to the top. 
14.   Tuck floral berries into the top, 
15.   Tuck green web weave trim to the top. 
16.   Finishing Touches to the bottom:
17.   Cut a large butterfly  from  Fantasy Flight C65005 and back it with cardboard.
18.   Glue a small metal hinge behind the butterfly and bend the hinge.  This will keep the butterly’s wings nicely bent.  
19.   Cut some green web weave and glue to the side of tin. 
20.   Add floral berries.

21.   Enjoy!


  1. First of all I didn't realize t hat I wasn't a follower of your blog LOL. Secondly what a gorgeous project and what a brilliant idea with the hinges. love the canister. I didn't even know you have an etsy shop. lol
    and btw the beach LO below is stunning

  2. Oh yeah!! Magical...WHAT cardboard?????!! You are SUCH a perfectionist...which is a good thing, since I am NOT!!!! LOOOOOVE the colours, the way you've used that string-ey ribbonish stuff at the top.......I've got a tin to do up, & I am now INSPIRED....but that doesn't mean it'll get done, of course:):)!!!!!!!!!!