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FabScraps Shabbylicious Collection - Dream

FabScraps has a wonderful fresh collection out.  It's called Shabbylicious and it's just that.  Shabby, delicious and amazing. 

I created this using a few different items from the collection ( the stickers and the chippies in this set are beyond gorgeous):
  • Shabbylicious Collection -Shabby Blues Paper  
  • Shabbylicious Collection - Dream Chipboard 
  • Shabbylicious Collection  - Shabbylicious Stickers 
  • Shabbylicious Collection  - Shabbylicious Heart Stickers
In the photo below, you can see that my chipboard "Dream" is almost neked. The FabScraps chipboard is very cool in that it is a light sandy colored chipboard and looks wonderful neked or with a little white wash on the edges. 

Some brands of chipboard have a grey tone to them - which typically means you have to treat them with gesso or paint first if you want them to be light and airy feeling. That's why I love FabScraps chippies.  They already start out light and require little treatment if desired. 

So let's talk a moment about the stickers in this collection.  They are wispy feeling to me - delicate, dainty, with a little romance thrown in.  The stickers are really unique.  They are printed on a transparent background. When you use them, they are light like a delicate watermark on your page.  If I want them to stand out a little more, then I mount them on card stock and cut around them.  

The wonderful part about  mounting them to card stock is that you can alter the colors of the stickers with your choice of card stock, making them totally customized for your specific project.  You cannot do that with many stickers.

The dress form sticker - ohhhhhhh man,  I need a few more of those. 

The seam binding ribbon was inked and not misted. I used Tim Holtz - Tumbled Glass distress ink to color this.  I rubbed the ink pad along the seam binding then sprayed with a little water to "activate" the ink - as Timmy would say. 

Here is a sheet of the Shabbylicious paper:

My image is from an old postcard from early 1900's that I photo edited with a fresh updated look. 
Below are some instructions on how I created this.  
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day. Shabbylicious Collection
For This Project You Will Need
1.     Background  Paper Preparation:
2.     Start with FabScraps  Shabbylicious Collection –Shabby Blues paper  C60 002  –  dab gesso around page to lighten some of the patterned print.  You can use your fingers to spread the gesso, use a sea sponge, brush or foam brush.  They all work nicely.
3.     Mist the edges of the paper  lightly with water (you can also use wet wipes or a wet sponge for this).   Using your finger tips, roll and scrunch the paper edges here and there to give the edges definition.   Use a heat gun to dry.  The heat gun actually makes the wet paper stiffer and keeps it in place.
4.     Mount the Shabby Blues paper  C60 002  to a 12x12 piece of white cardstock.  
5.     Rip a strip of white cardboard from a box approx 3in x 12in , and leave some edges jagged.
6.     Glue lace strip to the top of the cardboard.
7.     Cut  a piece of seam binding or ribbon approx 18 inches and wrap around the cardboard starting about 2 inches from the bottom of the cardboard strip. Let the loose ends of the ribbon hang free for now.
8.     Glue vertically to page placing right of center  and arrange the ribbon/seam binding ends so they flow horizontally off the cardboard to the left. Glue ribbon in place.
9.     Glue the photo images to page –  placing at the center of page
10.   Embellishment Preparation:
11.   Using the  Shabbylicious Stickers ST60 001 Dress Form and the Shabbylicious Heart Stickers ST60 002, remove  your chosen stickers from sticker sheet and place on white cardstock to back the sticker with cardstock,   Fussy cut around the stickers.  The stickers are very transparent and backing them with white cardstock gives them better clarity and definition.
12.   Glue the Dress Form sticker to the cardboard strip. 
13.   Glue the Heart sticker to the cardboard.
14.   Chipboard Preparation:
15.   FabScraps Shabbylicious –Dream chipboard DC60 005 – dab the edges of the chipboard with gesso and leave the majority of the chipboard untouched.
16.   Glue to page over the seam binding /ribbon.   
17.  Finishing Touches:
18.   Glue lace trim piece to the top left corner of the layout.
19.   Place some crystal flourishes around the page as desired.
20.   Enjoy. 

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