Thursday, August 1, 2013

Prima All About Me Collection - The Quiet Beach

Prima's All About Me Collection. 
All About Me Collection caters to the fun and whimsical side of life by helping us capture the silliness of childhood or to lighten a somber mood.  I used the collection for the later situation as I needed a dose of lighthearted whimsy to shake some fun into my day.

We encountered some bad weather on a recent visit to our favorite beach.  The pier is usually packed with visitors and tourists except for this day.  Not a soul could be found on the pier except us.  I snapped a photo of the situation and allowed this collection to make me smile while scrapping it.

If you scroll down, you'll see a better view of the image.  An uncommon shot of the Naples Pier - and a sad one at that.

This close up has all kinds of Prima goodies on it; from Ingvild Bolme's new Junk Yard Findings Vintage Water Taps to Prima Pebbles, a whole lot of Ingvild Bolme chalks for splashes of color (  Teal Damask,  Farmer Jeans, Summer Field, Lime Pie) and Vintage Vanity clear stamps n Honey Comb.

Here is the photo.  booo. sad.  But kind of cool at the same time.

Prima's All About Me Collection can be found here.   Look for this fun whimsical collection in stores soon.
Thanks for sharing part of your day with me.

970932 All About Me Collection -Type and Tab Stickers
971069 All About Me Collection -All in the Mix paper
971090 About Me Collection -Love the Rain paper
960506 Elementals Collection -Stencil
891824 Junkyard Findings - Vintage Water Taps
570620 Pebbles
960940 Vintage Vanity Clear Stamps
960810 Vintage Vanity Clear Stamps  - Honey Comb
891206 Ingvild Bolme Chalk- Teal Damask
890988 Ingvild Bolme Chalk- Farmer Jeans
891329 Ingvild Bolme Chalk-Summer Field
891305 Ingvild Bolme Chalk- Lime Pie

cheese cloth
seam binding
molding paste
Dry Wall tape
Gel Medium Matte finish

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