Thursday, February 21, 2013

Maja Design: Romantic Date at the Beach

Romantic and flirty Evening Date on the Beach
This set provides the inspiration for a flirty romantic evening at the beach to watch the sunset….sparkling water, peanuts or crackers,  then a canister to save your shells and sea glass that you collect while the sun is setting. 

What could be more unforgettable?  A perfect evening and  then a fun way to save your beach  treasures and  memories.    (as a little note - glass and alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the beaches near me.  This project is very mindful of that and uses sparkling water for the "bubbly" and plastic wine glasses. 

This was created using a peanut can – I decided to use my can for fish crackers .  The matching  plastic wine glasses are beach safe for toasting with sparkling water ( also beach safe).

Best part of this?  The decorative trims on the plastic wine glasses slip off so they can be washed. 

The jute around the stem of the wine glass is both decorative and purposeful.  I placed it there for a nautical/beachy look however it has functionality as well.  When your hands are sandy or wet, the jute will provide more grip so that you do not spill your beverage.   No one wants to be on a date and have a beverage spill ( smile).  

This was created using the Life by the Sea collection by Maja Design.  You can see the whole collection here.
I love this collection and really enjoy using it.  It's clean feeling and classic nautical theme makes me think summer and vacation and special times.  Just what I need at a time when snow is all around me. 

This project was created using a peanut can.  

Here I am serving some peanuts from a clam shell.  

This shows my set with some gold fish crackers - in keeping with the seaside theme.

Below are photos of the wine glasses.  The base strip is punched from Life by the Sea Collection – Nautic paper and glued tightly around the glass with the bead trim glued on top.
If you scroll down, you will find directions to this project as well as close ups of the wine glass so you can see the punched strip of Maja paper around the glass.
As I mentioned above, I selected jute to decorate the wine glasses to help add a little grip to the glasses when hands are wet and sandy.  I also wanted something earthy to tone down the bling of the beaded trim and coordinate with the the jute used on the canister.  

 See the Maja paper peeking under the beaded trim?  The paper and bead embellishment is not glued to the plastic wine glass.  It is glued like a paper ring and fits snugly around the glasses.  The whole decoration slips right off so you can wash the glass.   

See the crazy, wild beaded spray I added to the top of the lid?  I picked that because it reminded me of seaweed or sea grass.  That's why I added it.  Just a fun little touch to bling up the can and match my beaded glasses.
I bought that floral beaded spray at a craft store in the floral department - just in case you were wondering.  You can easily make your own by adding some beads to wire and simply twist the ends to secure the beads.  That works as well.

If you love Maja Design papers like I do, then contact your favorite on-line store and ask if they will consider carrying them so you can buy them at your convenience. 

Here are some directions for the project:   
Directions for Canister Body:
1.       Using a peanut canister, apply gesso to the can with a paintbrush or foam brush.  Gesso is needed to provide a rough surface for you to easily adhere a paper layer.  Let dry.
2.       Cut patterned paper and glue to can with tacky glue. (Life by the Sea Collection – Sailing)
3.       Punch decorative strip with your favorite punch and glue to top and bottom edges of the can. (Life by the Sea Collection – Nautic)
4.       Wrap decorative fibers and jute around top of can and tie to secure.
5.       Decorate with chipboard as follows:
·         Apply embossing ink and then sprinkle your choice of embossing powder on chipboard.  Set with heat gun. 
·         Hot glue completed chipboard to canister with generous amount of glue.
6.       Complete by hot gluing shells in place.

Directions for Canister Lid:
1.       Cut a circle from your patterned paper and  glue to the plastic top. (Life by the Sea Collection – Sailing)
2.       Using hot glue, secure lace or ribbon to the edges of the lid.
3.       Hot glue a floral beaded spray in place. 
4.       Attach shells or your choice of decorations to the top with hot glue. 

Directions for Plastic Wine Glasses:
1.       Tightly wind jute around the stem of the wine glass, hot gluing the ends to secure. 
2.       Punch decorative strip with your favorite punch making sure it will easily fit around your wine glass. (Life by the Sea Collection – Nautic)
3.       Glue paper strip around glass so that it fits snugly around glass.  Make sure to only glue the paper end together and do not glue the strip to the glass.  You want to be able to slip off the decorative strip to wash the glass.
4.       Remove the paper strip after it is glued.  Using hot glue gun, glue decorative beaded trim to your paper punch strip.  NOTE : Do not hot glue beaded trim while the paper punch strip is on the wine glass or it will stick to your wine glass and not be removable for cleaning.
5.       Finish off by hot gluing shell on top of the beaded trim. 

 Thanks a million for looking and have a wonderful Friday Night!

Maja Design Life by the Sea Collection – Sailing (background paper)
Maja Design Life by the Sea Collection – Nautic (punched edges)
Martha Stewart punch – Doily Lace Trim
Blue Fern Studios chipboard - Nested Circles 074455
Tim Holtz Ink – Pumice
bead  sprays/shells/jute
beaded trim
Stampendous Big Boss Embossing ink
Lindy’s Stamp Gang Embossing Powder
Gesso and foam brush for application of gesso
Plastic wine glasses
Hot glue and tacky glue
Heat gun


  1. Holy cannoli, honey this is just stunning, I really love it, you've almost inspired me to go do some Real life art and not just digi, LOVE THIS!