Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer Haven -Scraps Of Elegance Aug Reveal

Welcome to the August Scraps Of Elegance , Summer Haven.  What a gorgeous and inspirational kit.  It features Kaisercraft, Teresa Collins and Fabscraps.   Melinda, our talented leader and owner is masterful at coordinating papers and cool fascinating embellishments. 
Our kits also showcase the beautiful and unique butterflies handcrafted by Renea Harrison
So let's get revealing, shall we?

Feather In My Bonnet

Featuring the Kaisercraft Lakehouse collection and Renea's butterflies. This is a photo of my sister-in-law at high tea.  We went to a tea party and I just so happened to have my camera.  Imagine that!  Actually I was invited for my camera and not actually for tea.  But I "bummed" some anyway and a cookie to boot.

High Tea
This paper is also from Kaisercraft and is my niece at high tea.  Yeah, she totally looks thrilled to be at a tea party. And a camera in her face was no help at cheering her spirits. Moody photo - I just love it.

This was also created using the sketch from Charlotte Jenkins, suepup.  Thanks again, Charlotte for your continued inspiration.

The bird is a wooden piece from Kaisercraft. It is covered in Stampendous Aged Embossing Enamels in pink and green.

Miss Sari Petrass - The Lady with Two Endings
Meet Miss Sari Petrass and the fascinating tale of an actress, espionage, lies, romance and an untimely death - kindof sortof. The story of Miss Sari Petrass:

SÁRI was born in 1888 in Budapest and began her fabulous career at about the age of 17, appearing Hungary, Austria, Germany, England, and the United States. For several years, she was the toast of London. And look at her!  What a beauty.
In 1915, she appeared on Broadway and was a smashing success. She then returned to the UK and married an Englishman.  It is now that her story takes a bizarre twist. Newspapers in the United States reported the following in March of 1916:

Death Notice Posted in Paper (abbreviated)
The story goes that Sari returned to Britain, not as an actress but as a spy for the British as WWI was raging at the time.  She used her celestial beauty to pursue Military Officers to help deliver her messages.  (Guess she loved a man in uniform).

It is said she was betrayed by one of her suitors in a fit of jealousy and immediately shot. When taken to the place of execution she fainted and was unconscious when shot.The announcement of her execution was the first news her family had of the charges against her - a surprise for sure.

This rumor circulated in newspapers and print for years but is not clear where or how it started.

The real story?  The beautiful actress went on to live many more years in the theater.  
Death Notice #2
On September 8th, 1930, SÁRI and two companions were travelling by car in Belgium near the River Schelde. The ladies were on their way home from a shopping trip. 

The chauffeur became blinded by the beam from a lighthouse on the river, and as a result the vehicle plunged into the water. The driver managed to escape through a window and float to the surface, but sadly SÁRI and her two companions remained trapped inside and drowned.  References  
Some more facts and photos of Sari Petrass

Day at the Beach
This is a photo I took a few years back after a terrible storm.  This layout features the Teressa Collins Sweet Afternoon collection.   I tried to make this soft and sweet, yet the day I took the photo was anything BUT sweet...

This is a piece of Dusty Attic that I painted with Adirondack paint in Lemonade and then topped with Sunshine Yellow. These are Mini Scrolls DA0685.

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