Monday, July 30, 2012

Boy Near Cincinatti OH 1942- Scraps of Darkness

Created with the Scraps Of Darkness True Romance Kit. 
This month's kit is filled with warm  rich colors and interesting embellishments. 

This is a photo I used from the Library of Congress Flickr project.  The kind folks there released the copyrights on a significant collection of photos. There are thousands of photos in the Library, however this may well be my favorite.  It's riveting to me with his pure and gentle spirit. 

I love the hat and the coveralls.  Just really dig the innocence of the photo and the darling boy and the creamy colors. What are you thinking sweet 'lil man?

Someone asked me why I was scrapping someone else's photos.  Was I plumb outta my own photos to scrap?  Heck no.  BUT my darlin boys give me attitude when I try and take their photos.  This sweetie pie did not.  You can guess who I'm gonna scrap. 

Plus the photos released by the Library of Congress share a little bit of America as it was back "when".  I am enjoying a step back in time and a chance to scrap images that are beyond my scope.  I have always been fascinated with history since I was a scrawny young child.  Still am (fascinated I mean....not scrawny) hahaahaa - and what can be better than to incorporate an interest with my scrappy passion?

I also used Mistra Hoolihan's July Sketch from Dusty Attic for this page. 

I used the  Dusty Attic Pocket Watch DA0393 and Dusty Attic Chicken Wire Panel DA0177.  The pocket watch has a coating of crackle accents and inked edges.  I also added a little Stickles in platinum.

 I accidentally dribbled some white paint on the pocket watch.  Normally I'd get all weirded out over it but I had to let it all goooo.  He's a boy for cryin out loud.   He was probably messy at times as boys can be.  I'm betting he'd appreciate the little mess. 

Vachon, John,, 1914-1975,, photographer.  This was obtained at the Library Of Congress Flickr project.  The photos are historic and have all been released from any copyrights.  

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