Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Time Fades Our Memory - Scraps Of Darkness

Time Fades Our Memories - created with the Scraps of Darkness Feb. Jan kit, Escape. 
It was created for the Dr. Darkness Interpretation Challenge at the Scraps Of Darkness.

Requirements were straight forward and easy.  Interpret the word "FADE" and use paint, inks, mists, whatnot.

Time Fades Our Memories.  Sad but true.  My sweet father-in-law used to tell a fine tale,  some silly tales, some fish tales and even some tall tales.   Those tales exist no more.  They have faded with time like a cruel joke. He suffers from Alzheimer's.  

I have bound my clock with chains at the top, as if it is a prisoner.  I have taken the "H" out of the inside of the pocket watch at the bottom because my father-in-law, Harold,  now exists outside of time.  He is an island in his own mind yet he remains tethered to the clock (representing the world) by the string.   

And finally the string....did you ever hear someone say they needed to tie string  to their finger to help them remember something?  never really understood why, but
I remember that from my childhood - something silly my granny used to do to help her remember.

I am thankful I still remember and my memory has not faded yet. 

This is a photo I took while visiting my Father-in-law in Sept. 2011 at the Memory Care Center where he lives.  The visits are not for him as much as they are for us.  He does not know who we are and cannot communicate with us, but we just need to savor a few more moments with him before his time fades forever.    

Thanks for looking.  Bless all those suffering form memory loss issues and diseases.


  1. I love the wrapped Jute along with the H clock piece, very motivational! TFS

  2. This is a very lovely and touching layout. Love all the little details.