Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Cardboard Smackdown Revealed

Love Cardboard But Hate the Frustrating Fingernail Smackdown of Peeling it?

I love love love cardboard in all it's cool corrugatedness.    And I know there are a few others out there that love it also.  But ripping off the top layer used to make me crazy and irritated and cause a total throwdown at my scrappy table.  The cardboard almost mocking me and giving me the stink eye.  Me, staring back down in utter defeat.   NO MORE! 

I toyed with my cardboard for a long can I get the top layer off easily without a total frustrating fingernail smackdown?    Little pieces ripping here and there but not making any progress.
So what I do now is quickly run it under water.  Real quick.  Like the kind of speed Escape Kitty uses when she's darting out of the house undetected.  EK kind of quick.  Ya know what I mean?

Depending on how much top layer you want exposed, then that is what you are QUICKLY going to run under water.  If it is the whole top layer, make sure the whole piece gets damp.
Next you need to blot off the cardboard  with paper towel, rag, cloth, towel - whatevah!   so it does not really soak enough to warp the cardboard.  If you let it sit, you'll get a warp.  I hate warp.

I guarantee that top layer will peel off like a ripe banana peel. NOW what I do is save some of that peeled stuff to re-apply here and there if I need to.   I never really know what kind of look I am desiring until I am hot into the project.

A scrap Recap:
1. Determine how much of the cardboard you want to peel
2.  Run that part that will be peeled under water.  Superfly fast.
3. blot with a towel to get all excess water off and prevent warping of the cardboard
4.  Peel away
5. Save your peelings cause you just never know! They are cool.

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Happy scrapping


  1. thanks for the tip Jen! the ripping of the top makes me crazy too so I will give it a try! xxx

  2. You darling you!!! Never thought of that! Will definitely give it a try...thanks for sharing with us...GREAT LO's!!!!

  3. I love it! Tearning is so dusty! Thanks Jennifer.

  4. You and your crafty cleverness! I must say you are so inspiring and your pages completely drool worthy-utterly gorgeous!