Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sisters - More Delicious Dusty Attic Sneak Peeks

Sisters:  Once again I feel so blessed to be the Dusty Attic Guest Designer for the Month of February.   Thanks sweet Dusty Gals for thinking of me and knowing in your heart of hearts that I am such a Dusty Attic Addict. 

I used Pion papers that I got my hands on. Those papers are soft, elegant and just a joy to work with.  I paired it with the feminine delicate Dusty Attic birdcage soon-to-be-released.  Can't wait! 

This is a photo I took of my nieces in October 2011 when they stopped over for a brief visit.  I think the visit was really brief, like to drop off a piece of mail they received in my name or something odd like that taking all of 5 mins - "Hi and Bye" in the same sentence.  

yeahhhhhhhhh but no.  Not at Aunt Jen's house.  If you stop and you're darling, then you're likely to get roped into a photo.  Before you know it, I've got the camera out and I'm ushering you to the back yard - well, maybe to my neighbors garden in the back.   shhhhhhh. Let's not tell her that her garden is my favorite backdrop.  Our little internet secret.  You can keep a secret, right?  

I simply painted my Dusty Attic birdcage with Adirondack paint in Sandal and added some feathers.  I wanted the cage to blend in nicely with the rest of my cluster.

Thanks for looking.


  1. gorgeous Jen and love the bird cage too!

  2. I spy some yummy Pion papers too :) So beautiful!

  3. So soft and romantic, just lovely work. Yeah, if those sweet little faces were my nieces, I'd be snapping photos of them all the time too.